Iguazu Waterfalls: Legends And Facts

Have you heard about Iguazu’s legends and myths? Which ones are the facts?

There was a legend about a god of the Caigangue Indians. The god was called M’Boy and was shaped like a serpent. There was a tribal chieftain at that time that had a beautiful daughter named Naipi.

The enigmatic and breath taking Machu Pichu in Peru


If you want to time travel, there is no better place than Peru’s awe-inspiring ancient complex of Machu Picchu.

The Machu Picchu ruins of the Inca civilization are the most beautiful and mysterious ancient sites in the whole of Latin America and were rediscovered in by an archaeologist Hiram Bingham in 1911. The Inca populace erected thousand structures of stone on top of the Andes Mountain from the early 14th century and considered it a sacred place. Machu Picchu means Old Peak in the language of the Incas. It is both an aesthetic and architectural marvel.

There are many legends surrounding this site which is an extraordinary ancient city. It is believed that Machu Picchu Peru was a self sufficient community with much of the area being utilized as agricultural terraces to grow food for its population. These ruins have palaces, temples, unique baths, storage areas and more than a hundred houses still well preserved even after centuries.

A lot of cues point towards this city being used by the Inca people for secret ceremonies as this self contained colony is invisible from below and situated at a remote high point of the mountain range.

There is much speculation about the religious or social utilization of Machu Picchu Peru by the Incas. It is said that astronomical observations were the main function of the site of Machu Picchu and the presence of the Intihuatana stone that indicates important celestial revelations, proves this more strongly. This astonishing site was perhaps chosen for geological features and distinct location. It is believed that the mountain’s silhouette, on which the site is built, is symbolic of the Inca god.

Machu Picchu Peru received a lot of media hype when National Geographic magazine published an entire issue on it in 1913. Since then it has remained popular among researchers and tourists. It is also considered one of the wonders of the New World.


Machu Pichu in Peru


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A Patagonia vacation – one you are guaranteed never to forget


Be a part of one of the most beautiful places on earth with a vacation to Patagonia.

South America is known for many breathtakingly beautiful places and one of these is Patagonia. Not only is it undoubtedly one of the most beautiful areas of this country but it is also one of the most beautiful that the world has. Experiencing this beauty and diversity first hand through a Patagonia package, is truly an event of a lifetime and it will be a vacation that you will never forget. There are various packages that you can choose from. They range in duration from 4 to 15 days.

A short 4 day Patagonia package will touch on and will take you to some of the most important sights. A short package like this is ideal if you have a limited amount of time to visit Patagonia. You can enjoy excursions to ‘Torres del Paine’ the National Park in the area. While you are here, take a peek into the prehistoric Milodon’s Cave. You will also visit the fjords, ‘Last Hope’ to see the glaciers Serrano and Balmaceda. There will also be a visit to the Zona Franca and the Institute of Patagonia. If you have planned your vacation between October and March, you are in for an additional treat at Seno Otway where you can watch the penguins during their mating season.

A longer Patagonia package will no doubt give you much more time to explore the region. While the areas that are covered are the same, you can spend time exploring both the eastern and the western side of the National Park, through treks and guided walks. You can also spend time exploring the glaciers on foot and sip drinks with ice that is over 20,000 years old! After all of this you can make your way to the Ice Beach where the glaciers stop their journey.


Torres del Paine - Patagonia


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A brief history of Buzios Dwellers

Ever wonder how this amazing peninsula got peopled? Find out…

Buzios is a melting pot of cultures. From its earliest written history to the modern times, Buzios dwellers greatly impacted how we look and appreciate this peninsula. As early as 1500s, we already know that the Indians have already been cultivating and using Buzios before the French pirates got into the picture. Tupinambas Indians are the first true Buzios dwellers and they survived using hunting and fishing. By growing corn and cassava, these Buzios dwellers were able to live pretty stable and sustainable lives. By the time of the French and Portuguese bout on Buzios, the Portuguese were able to influence the native Buzios dwellers. The entry of the English culture minimized the population of the native Buzios dwellers.

The Portuguese have totally changed the cultural landscape and added up to the influence most especially in the language. These new Buzios dwellers also infused new industries such as whaling which had to stop around the 18th and 19th centuries because of the intense depletion of whale species.

For many years, the Buzios dwellers have continued their humble fishing industry until a pivotal moment when French actress Brigitte Bardot’s visit to the land changed this location into a tourist spot for the jet setters. The Buzios dwellers developed the land to fit the needs of the international market.

To date, Portuguese speaking Buzios dwellers are still the biggest population in this peninsula followed by those coming from different locations around the world. Many people have fallen in love and stayed in this paradise. The diversity of the people makes Buzios an amazing location.

The cultures have changed but it still has that unique Buzios flair. It is a sophisticated, laidback and special mixture of people that adds up to the allure and appeal of his amazing peninsula in this blessed country.

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