Discovering Iguazu Falls

Where is Iguazu Falls Well to be general, it is found in the dense jungles of South America, by the borders of Argentina and Brazil.

See Argentina and Chile with Patagonia Tours and Packages

Patagonia tours usually take travelers through both Argentina and Chile. These tours allow guests to experience the natural beauty on land and on the ocean. Most Patagonia packages start their trips in the northern cities of either Santiago or Buenos Aries. From there it is a straight shot to Patagonia.

The combination of Santiago’s hotels and tourist attraction is unmatched

A great mix of natural attractions and cosmopolitan energy coupled with great Santiago hotels welcomes you.

Santiago is not just the capital city of Chile but also a cultural, political and financial hub of this South American nation. A thriving artistic and historic enclave, Santiago is a tourist’s dream. World class cuisine, distinctive neighborhoods, myriad of restaurants, colonial architecture, Bohemian charm, fine museums, prosperous art scene are a few of this Chilean capital’s features. With its flourishing cafe culture and open squares with lush gardens, Santiago is a delight to experience. It also has ski resorts and beach getaways. Santiago has much to see and do and to make the most of it you will need a place of accommodation that not just enhances your stay but also makes it unforgettable. The city caters to all accommodation tastes.

Hotels in Santiago will do everything from pampering in the lap of luxury to encouraging the backpacker’s spirit in you, depending on what you seek. You can choose from dependable luxury brands, stylish boutique stays to low cost places.

Santiago’s hotels like Radisson Ciudad Empresarial Hotel, The Ritz-Carlton Santiago, Hyatt Regency, InterContinental Hotels, and Marriott Hotel are five star plush properties with world class facilities. They will give you nothing but the best of what hospitality has to offer although at a hefty price. These hotels in Santiago are conveniently located in good districts of the city, have amazing landscapes, great room decors, best gourmet restaurants, swimming pools and much more.

There are several posh apartments and boutique hotels in Santiago that are luxurious yet affordable if you comfortable stay with good personal service. Santiago hotels include many mid range value-for-money accommodation choices such as Barrio Brasil, Bellavista, Parque Forestal, etc.


Cabanas del Lago Hotel - Chile


Budget accommodation is preferred by majority of travellers and there is no dearth of hostels and home stays that suffice the basic rusty tourist needs. Which Santiago Hotel will you check in to?

The Esturion Hotel in Puerto Iguazu

Puerto Iguazu provides its guests with a comfortable and utterly warm stay. The hotel is located near the famous Iguazu falls so the visitors of the falls receive a double treat when they step into the hotel.

Extreme Sports and Fun Activities Await Travelers to Arraial Ajuda Beaches

Spend an exciting day hand gliding over the cliffs that look out over the Arraial Ajuda beaches or take a moonlight bike ride through the Atlantic forest.

While Arraial Ajuda is known for its quaint colonial style buildings and 16th century church, it is also a city bustling with excitement. With the rainforest framing Arraial Ajuda from the back and the turquoise blue waters surrounding its eastern side there are plenty of activities to enjoy all over the region.

Arraial Ajuda Tours usually include visits to the local native villages that surround the area. There are approximately 12 different indigenous tribes that live here. Most of the natives make their living as fisherman or artists and crafts men. Villages Itaporanga, Old Bar, and Imbiriba are all open and welcome to visits from the public.

Arraial Ajuda beaches are also filled with activity. On Trancoso beach visitors can canoe or kayak along the coast or up the river. These Arraial Ajuda tours offer either a 5-km paddle or a 12-km option. Tourists can also go fishing, diving or windsurfing on Brill beach.

Arraial Ajuda tours are also available in the rainforest. Mountain biking routes from 48 to 112 kms are possible during the day or the full moon. The bikes come with halogen headlights so it is easy to see in the dark. There are also combination kayaking and biking tours available. Extreme sports enthusiasts can hike to the top of Pitanga cliffs and once there, hand glide back down to the bottom.


Fun activities in Arraial d'Ajuda- Bahia


Arraial Ajuda beaches are quite lovely and perfect for the sun worshipper. Mucuge beach is closest to town and is usually the most crowded. It is especially popular with families and tourists as the waves are not overpowering. Nearby is Paradise Water Park with flume rides and an artificial wave tank. Espelho beach is known for its crystal clear waters. There are also hiking trails where travelers can see a wide variety of bird species as well as buffalo herds. Another one of Arraial Ajuda beaches is Taipe Beach. It is surrounded by cliffs and sits at the mouth of the Taipe River. It is especially popular with fishing enthusiasts.

Luxury To Budget, There Is A Florianopolis Hotel For Everyone

The hotels in Florianopolis range from the very cheap to the very expensive. With over 40 beaches in the area, most of the accommodation is within walking distance of the coast and many are right on the beach. Some beaches are suited to surfing due to strong tides and tall waves.