Iguazu Falls: An adventure

Nothing can beat the sight of this great work of Mother Nature at Iguazu

General info about Iguazu

Follow the river of Iguazu, and you will see the throat of the devil. After that, you will see paradise. It is like a metaphor to the challenges that one can encounter on an adventure story but a journey to Iguazu Falls is a real adventure. A massive waterfall series of small and big waterfalls curtaining a massive, sinuous landform with the largest cataract, the Devil’s Throat exudes a metaphorical appeal. This is a great tourist spot and metaphorical or realistic, Iguazu Falls is undeniably breathtaking. You will surely have a lot of time discovering and experiencing the vibrant beauty of this magnificent location.

Accommodations in Iguazu

There are many hotels that you can choose at Foz do Iguazu, the city where the falls can be seen. There are some great resort hotels in the city and there are also some nice budget hotels that you can take advantage of. You will certainly love to check out the city since it is teeming with nice restaurants and souvenir shops. If you have the money for it, check out Hotel das Cataratas. This is an expensive hotel that is the only hotel in the area inside the Iguazu National park that is just walking distance to the waterfalls. Other hotels you should take advantage of include Carima, Continental Inn, Mabu Thermas and Iguazu grand Hotel.



Iguazu Falls: An adventure - The waterfall

Activities in Iguazu

You should first try the helicopter ride to get an aerial view of the falls. It is a humbling sight to see. After seeing the falls in its entirety, go for a boat ride across the river canyon and go near the edge of the falls. You will receive your blessing from that area. You should also take some time to visit the offerings of the national park as it has some great locations to go trekking and hiking. The trips are done in groups so stay with your group and do not litter in the forest.

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Florianopolis: A metropolis of beauty


A thriving city with a paradise appeal is the city of Florianopolis, what more to ask?

General info about Florianopolis

There is something intriguing about the name Florianopolis. It is like a paradise full of riches and undiscovered treasures. It is like a journey to the unknown, unchartered lands of the Americas. Florianopolis is not a newbie in the tourism industry of Brazil. It has some of the most spectacular beaches that are extremely unique, refreshing and desirable. Situated at the state of Santa Catarina and is its capital. If you are thinking of a great place to live the good life, then this is the place to be since Florianopolis is becoming more popular in the real estate industry. It has spectacular beaches that are better than other places in Brazil. It is a modern paradise with commercial complexes, well-built highways and a fantastic tourist spots.

Accommodations in Florianopolis

There are many hotels along Florianopolis. There are many hotels in key areas of the city itself and by the beach. The beach hotel resorts are unmistakably beautiful. There are hotels with thriving nightlife but if you prefer the quieter and scintillating beauty of the sea without the noise, Florianopolis also offers such benefits for your desires. Hotel accommodations need to be reserved most especially for some of the exclusive hotels. Most of these hotels have added services like transportation or rental car so that you would not have to stress out when you go across the city. Majestic Palace is an economy hotel for those on a budget. Try Jurere Beach Village and Costao Do Santinho for the more premium quality and the luxury one would be Ponta dos Ganchos.

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Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil - Hercilio Luz Bridge

Activities in Florianopolis

There are amazing activities you can do in Florianopolis. First and foremost, you can explore the water activities that you can do like paragliding, scuba diving, sand boarding, surfing, and wind surfing on the many beaches of Florianopolis. You can also explore the beautiful landscape of the city and have a trekking experience. You should walk around the city and check the many shopping areas, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Many jet setters from across the globe come here to experience the beauty of Florianopolis and the thriving night life.

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Manaus-City: A rich city by the river

With some French architecture and some nice natural wonders, sky is the limit to what you can do in Manaus

General info about Manaus

A massive city of around 2.5 million people, Manaus is located by the Rio Negro a few miles before it meets Rio Solimoes that forms the Amazon River Proper. The 2 rivers are side by side and they have different mineral compositions thus providing different colors. According to the legend, the 2 rivers do not mix. The richness of the Amazon has led this city to its economic success and it has led the robber barons of the land to take copies of French Architecture like the Grand Opera de Paris as well as La Halles in Paris. Aside from the architecture, you will really love the beaches, the waterfalls and the national parks of Manaus.

Accommodations in Manaus

Manaus offers a variety of hotel accommodations to adapt to your needs. There are a number of budget hotels offered in Manaus and they are pretty convenient for their price. There are also nice mid-range hotels available who want something in the middle. For those who seek luxury in Manaus, there are some good luxury hotels by the Industrial sector and they are pretty diverse and impeccable. The hotels you choose will be a great determinant of how long you wish to stay in Manaus and the kind of comfort you seek. Some of the more notable hotels are Monaco, Novotel and Tropical Mao Sup.

Manaus, City in the Amazon, Brazil - The river, Eco Park

Activities in Manaus

As for activities, being in the city of Manaus, you will certainly have a lot of things to do. You should check the Teatro Amazonas as well as the Mercado Municipal and the Natural Science Museum. You should also take the time to visit the beaches of Manaus and explore the waterfalls. Jau National Park is also a great place to visit to see some great biodiversity since this is the largest national park in Brazil and the South Americas.


The Jatiuca Flat Hotel in Maceio

A closer look at the Jatiuca Flat located in Maceio.

Inspected by our Hotel Expert team.

The Jatiuca Resort is a beautiful hotel ideally located just a few minutes away from the city centre, very close to the beach front. It is a modern luxurious four star hotel that can boast excellent accommodations and services. Located on Jaticua beach, this pretty property extends over the lush greens covering 62 thousand square meters, tropical gardens. The resort area includes a beautiful natural lagoon and a really pretty green coconut grove. You actually get 200 meters of private beach as a part of the hotel. A mere 25 minutes away from the airport and located in centre of Maceio, it is at an ideal location.

Jatiuca resort houses 83 suites over the seven floor building. The suites can be chosen to be with one or two bedrooms and these are divided into five categories with duplex flats on the seventh floor. Each is equipped with all the modern amenities including air conditioning, cable television, mini bar, telephone and even small things like a hair dryer. You even have a safe to keep your cash and valuables safe in; after all, it is well known that a traveler’s greatest worry is ensuring their safety. Each room has a balcony with breathtaking view. You are served by well trained, highly efficient staff who is ready to cater to your needs 24 hours. Wi‐Fi internet connection is available for you to stay connected. One need not worry about travelling in and around the charming town. The tour desk is forever at their service. Also you get door to door taxi service 24 hours. In case one wishes to enjoy the night life, their kids can be left in safe hands by availing the baby sitter service. Also the laundry and dry cleaning is taken care of by the staff.

Jatiuca Flat Hotel in Maceio - Beach

You can swim in the pool or play tennis and volleyball. Jatiuca resort offers you two tennis courts, sand volleyball court, playground, hiking areas. Fitness freaks also have the outdoor gym at their disposal. An amusing team of entertainers organize fun activities for entertainment as well as leisure activities for both kids and adults. The Jacarezinho club is where the organizers and kids participants meet.

To cater to your hunger pangs, the hotel offers a wide range of cuisines. The Canoas restaurant is there for you too. Also is the Cascata restaurant located in the ground floor of Jatiuca resort. For your convenience, Jatiuca resort accepts credit cards including Amex, Diners club, Mastercard, VISA. Also for business requirements, copy fax machine, personal computers, internet access is available.  The Jatiuca resort is all yours for a perfect vacation for sure.

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