Rio Carnival 2011: Balls

Rio Carnival Balls has official kick-off on Thursday (3),check a complete list of the best Balls in the city.

Sambadrome: The Ultimate fun place during the Carnival in Brazil

Welcome to the place where all the fun happens!

Street Carnival in Rio: A great warm-up for the Samba Parade.

Carnival 2011: Rio street parties' schedule. Pick your favorite, hit the streets and party.

Sambodromo and the process of picking a seat

Sambodromo is where the magic happens!

The Sambodromo in Rio is huge. It typically occupies almost an entire street, spanning more than 650 meters, or half a mile. This then makes it the perfect venue for the samba parades, which are held there for three straight nights. It can also occupy thousands of people in one sitting. At most, it can hold around 90,000 individuals. Because of that, it is highly recommendable that you know how to pick the right seat.

An Overview

The Sambodromo is arranged as a “stadium” though it’s just a loose definition of it. It’s composed of two parts. You have the runway where the performers dance and bring along their floats, also called Parading Avenue. And on the sides you will find the places for the spectators, divided in different sectors, which distributed on the left and on the right side of the runaway. In one side you have the odd numbers sectors, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and on the other side the even numbers sectors, 2, 4 and 6.

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Rio Carnaval float at the parade

Seat Types

In general, there are two kinds of seats in Sambodromo. The first one is referred to as the grandstand seats, or bleachers. When you get a grandstand ticket you’re not going to have a designated seat number. Except if you get a ticket for the Sector 9 which is the only one numbered.

Then we have the open boxes seats and the covered luxury suites. The open boxes are usually located on the street level and are limited to only six seats per box. There’s also a coffee table for those who want to dine or to put on any personal belongings.

The good thing about the open boxes is that you can get a full view of the dancers and their movements. You can see all the details and even touch the participants. On the other hand, grandstand seats will ensure that you can have a much clearer picture of the samba school as a whole.

The suites are the most luxurious since they are covered lounges for up to 12 people. And they also offer the best views and facilities including waiter service with all kind of foods and drinks.

Looking for the Best Spots

When you’re purchasing tickets for Sambodromo, there are two things you need to keep in mind: price and location. If you’re going to pay high, you might as well ensure that you get the best view.

Sector 1 possesses grandstand seats and is located at the area where the different samba schools would meet and prepare for their parade. You will never get to sit here because the tickets are not sold, but distributed among the participants, or sometimes sold for a very cheap price. You may not also want it as it doesn’t really give you anything except the dancers in their non-carnival mode.

Sector 2 is where you can find the luxury suites, which takes three floors.

Sector 4 is not ideal if you don’t like too much noise as it’s already close to the drummer’s niche, right after the Sector 2. You cannot also easily see the participants, only they are passing thru you. But it is considered the best of the most affordable sectors.

The best seats are then those that are found in the middle, such as sectors 5, 7 and 9. The views are completely unobstructed. Nevertheless, they are also more expensive, according to the position on the runaway. Sector 9 is the most expensive since it is the tourist sector, and the seats are numbered.

If you’re looking for cheap tickets, you should choose sectors 3 or 11. The Sector 3 is on the beginning and the 11 at the end of the runaway. Like the sector 4, you will only see the parade when it is approaching or passing thru your sector, but the experience is the same. The Sector 11 is right next to the drummer’s niche.

Sector 6, right after the Sector 4, at the end of the runaway, are the allocated chairs. They are also boxes but less expensive than the other sector because of the location. A great option for the ones that want to be more comfortable and don't pay too much.

Sector 13 like sector 6 have better prices, but the view is not so great.

Sao Paulo Guarulhos: Flying high

The airport that transports you to Sao Paulo and the rest of the world is also the busiest in Brazil.

General info about Sao Paulo Guarulhos

Sao Paulo Guarulhos is the 2nd largest city in the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil. This is where the Sao Paulo Guarulhos International Airport is situated, one of the most important airports in the country. The name Guarulhos comes from Tupi Language meaning Eaters, big-bellied people which describe the indigenous people who live in the area. The airport is the main facet of this city and it is the busiest port in terms of passenger traffic as well as aircraft movements. This is one of the main airports but it does have its very own issues before by being one of the airports with most delays in the past years. This issue is being addressed now by adding more runways and reconfiguring air traffic to address the big number of departures and arrivals in Sao Paulo Guarulhos.

Accommodations in Sao Paulo Guarulhos

Since this is an airport, mainly the airport hotels in Sao Paulo Guarulhos are the most convenient areas to reside if you arrive too early or if you are on a delayed flight. The Sao Paulo Guarulhos airport hotels, like many others are not really the most comfortable of all but they do the job for those who are not really expecting to lose their flights or needs to have a different flight. Most airport hotels are bed spaces so you would have to be patient about it. Explore some good accommodation options like Mercure Apts GRU Airport, Marriott Guarulhos and Caesar Park Airport.

Sao Paulo Guarulhos Airport - Aereal view

Activities in Sao Paulo Guarulhos

You can go to the shopping areas that are inside the Sao Paulo Guarulhos international Airport. Since this is a major airport, it is impossible that it does not have a duty-free shop that can be used to buy new things or to stock up on some necessities or splurge on some popular brands that you might not have been able to buy in local stores in Brazil or in your own country.

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The tranquility at Trancoso

Trancoso has become more and more important in the tourism industry

General info about Trancoso

A town in Porto Seguro, Bahia Brazil, Trancoso is shaped like a rectangle so the village retains the original style of its architecture. It has very popular beaches and in recent years they were developed with new hotels which has definitely gave the town a boost in its real estate pricing. There are also some nearby Atlantic forests in Trancoso and these forests are being protected and preserved for the future generations. The culture in Trancoso is also very diverse as in many locations in Brazil due to the massive influx of colonizers in the past centuries and their culture has been affected and elevated to a unique custom.

Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil - Espelho Beach

Accommodations in Trancoso

Hotels can be found on the beaches of Trancoso and they are mostly priced in the expensive bracket. Of course the hotels offer amazing amenities, a fantastic view of the beach and it has added services and other features to the tourists can enjoy their stay in Trancoso more and more. You should check out the French Club Mediterranee which is one of the major hotel resorts and clubs opened to boost the tourism and real estate value of the town. There are some pousadas available and there are probably some other hotel accommodations just outside Trancoso so take your pick of the ones that best suit your taste. How about some luxurious hotel options like Etnia and Estrela D'Agua.

Activities in Trancoso

Trancoso is popular for its sandy beaches and natural poles built when it is low tide with the reefs become visible and create a marvelous barricade to enjoy the fantastic waters. The next area that you should check out is the Quadrado which is the main square of Trancoso that is divided into 4 differently colored houses. There is also a white church that faces the Atlantic Ocean. The Quadrado and the church are protected by the UNESCO.

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Brazil Packages: An Overview of Brazil

How do you make the most out of your trip in Brazil? 

Of course, by getting yourself any of the packages with asides trips around the country. You can experience not only the Carnival in Rio, but also explore the fauna and flora of the Amazon, the beautiful resort areas on the Northeast of the country, or the unique beauty of the Iguassu Falls. 2 to 3 days in each place and you will have a little bit of everything that Brazil has to offer.

Bring Out Your Adventurous Spirit

If you are a risk taker, then a trip to Brazil is just what you need. In the heart of the country is the Amazon rainforest, one of the biggest and most mystical ecological systems in the world. It has thousands of plants and animals species, and people who have remained strongly attached to their culture and heritage.

If you want to add the Amazon to your package, you will be brought from Rio all the way to Manaus, the main city. Despite the constant urban development in the area, the city remains to be a sight to see because of its European style. The city was mainly built by the Europeans in the Rubber boom. Also huge international vessels and regional boats are all together at dock, arriving and leaving the port, right next to the market where you can find traditional food and handcrafts. If you wish to get along with the natives, you can always head to local bar and you will probably dance Forro, traditional music of the North part of the country.

Then, you can head to an Amazon lodge, where you will never really run out of activities, including bird watching, alligator spotting, piranha fishing, jungle hiking and of course swim on the waters of the Negro River. All that with more than specialized guides speaking English fluently.

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil - Salvador Pelourinho, downtown area

You can also learn more about the lives of the native Brazilians by going to Salvador, Bahia. In Pelourinho you have a myriad of historical or age-old churches with their baroque architecture, and palaces. You can also get to taste the cuisine that the country is highly known for. And beautiful resort areas about one hour from there.

Northeast for the Lovebirds

For those who are on honeymoon, we can highly recommend you a package that includes one the beaches of the northeast of the country, with its clean waters, perfect for a moment of peace and relaxation. Ilheus,

Porto de Galinhas and Jericoacoara are some of those. You can delight yourself every night with the most delectable and huge servings of the freshest seafood or the soulful music of bossa nova in any of the bars right on the beach, with the most beautiful view to the sea.

And do not forget to drop by Iguassu Falls, which is considered to be more superior in beauty and elegance than the Niagara Falls. While you are there, take the walking tour and get the closest you can to the falls. You won't regret.

By getting one of those packages, make sure that you can find your reward. Your money’s worth!

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