The tranquility at Trancoso

Trancoso has become more and more important in the tourism industry

General info about Trancoso

A town in Porto Seguro, Bahia Brazil, Trancoso is shaped like a rectangle so the village retains the original style of its architecture. It has very popular beaches and in recent years they were developed with new hotels which has definitely gave the town a boost in its real estate pricing. There are also some nearby Atlantic forests in Trancoso and these forests are being protected and preserved for the future generations. The culture in Trancoso is also very diverse as in many locations in Brazil due to the massive influx of colonizers in the past centuries and their culture has been affected and elevated to a unique custom.

Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil - Espelho Beach

Accommodations in Trancoso

Hotels can be found on the beaches of Trancoso and they are mostly priced in the expensive bracket. Of course the hotels offer amazing amenities, a fantastic view of the beach and it has added services and other features to the tourists can enjoy their stay in Trancoso more and more. You should check out the French Club Mediterranee which is one of the major hotel resorts and clubs opened to boost the tourism and real estate value of the town. There are some pousadas available and there are probably some other hotel accommodations just outside Trancoso so take your pick of the ones that best suit your taste. How about some luxurious hotel options like Etnia and Estrela D'Agua.

Activities in Trancoso

Trancoso is popular for its sandy beaches and natural poles built when it is low tide with the reefs become visible and create a marvelous barricade to enjoy the fantastic waters. The next area that you should check out is the Quadrado which is the main square of Trancoso that is divided into 4 differently colored houses. There is also a white church that faces the Atlantic Ocean. The Quadrado and the church are protected by the UNESCO.

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Brazil Packages: An Overview of Brazil

How do you make the most out of your trip in Brazil? 

Of course, by getting yourself any of the packages with asides trips around the country. You can experience not only the Carnival in Rio, but also explore the fauna and flora of the Amazon, the beautiful resort areas on the Northeast of the country, or the unique beauty of the Iguassu Falls. 2 to 3 days in each place and you will have a little bit of everything that Brazil has to offer.

Bring Out Your Adventurous Spirit

If you are a risk taker, then a trip to Brazil is just what you need. In the heart of the country is the Amazon rainforest, one of the biggest and most mystical ecological systems in the world. It has thousands of plants and animals species, and people who have remained strongly attached to their culture and heritage.

If you want to add the Amazon to your package, you will be brought from Rio all the way to Manaus, the main city. Despite the constant urban development in the area, the city remains to be a sight to see because of its European style. The city was mainly built by the Europeans in the Rubber boom. Also huge international vessels and regional boats are all together at dock, arriving and leaving the port, right next to the market where you can find traditional food and handcrafts. If you wish to get along with the natives, you can always head to local bar and you will probably dance Forro, traditional music of the North part of the country.

Then, you can head to an Amazon lodge, where you will never really run out of activities, including bird watching, alligator spotting, piranha fishing, jungle hiking and of course swim on the waters of the Negro River. All that with more than specialized guides speaking English fluently.

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil - Salvador Pelourinho, downtown area

You can also learn more about the lives of the native Brazilians by going to Salvador, Bahia. In Pelourinho you have a myriad of historical or age-old churches with their baroque architecture, and palaces. You can also get to taste the cuisine that the country is highly known for. And beautiful resort areas about one hour from there.

Northeast for the Lovebirds

For those who are on honeymoon, we can highly recommend you a package that includes one the beaches of the northeast of the country, with its clean waters, perfect for a moment of peace and relaxation. Ilheus,

Porto de Galinhas and Jericoacoara are some of those. You can delight yourself every night with the most delectable and huge servings of the freshest seafood or the soulful music of bossa nova in any of the bars right on the beach, with the most beautiful view to the sea.

And do not forget to drop by Iguassu Falls, which is considered to be more superior in beauty and elegance than the Niagara Falls. While you are there, take the walking tour and get the closest you can to the falls. You won't regret.

By getting one of those packages, make sure that you can find your reward. Your money’s worth!

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Sao Luis: Perfectly colonial

Some of the best colonial structures stand in Sao Luis and it has a thriving culture

General info about Sao Luis

The capital of the state of Maranhao, Sao Luis is a city that was created by French explorers in the 1600s and was occupied also by the Dutch. However, Sao Luis still exudes a Portuguese colonial appeal in its architecture. The facade of buildings is designed with azulejo tiles and the paths are made out of cobblestones. The perfect conditions of the buildings in Sao Luis make it a UNESCO world heritage site. The city is divided into 2 parts by a river of sorts. Sao Luis is very popular because of its unique culture as seen in its cuisine, its love for reggae music as well as popular festivals and customs that makes it a stand out city among the other Brazilian municipalities.

Accommodations in Sao Luis

There are two options for your accommodations in Sao Luis. First are the hotels in the Old Town. Since this is the main attraction of the area, many tourists prefer to stay in this area and it is practical because there are a number of hotels that are in a wide range of prices. You can go for budget to expensive in the old town. You can also check the beach for accommodations. However, the beach only offers pousadas and they are not at all cheap. If you prefer to stay there, you will certainly have some added amenities and features to enjoy your stay. Otherwise, go for a practical option. Some good hotel options are Mercure, Portas da Amazonia and Pestana Sao Luis.

Sao Luiz, Maranhao, Brazil - Marcela Beach

Activities in Sao Luis

Sao Luis is an amazing historic city and the Old Town should be one of your main objectives to visit in its entirety. Check out the many colonial houses in the area although some of them need quite a refurbishing to be restored to its proper look. You can also check the beaches but make sure to go there on the months where there is high tide which is mainly during spring. You should watch the performance of Bumba-meu-boi which is a tale of a bull in music, dance and storytelling.

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Tiradentes: A unique colonial town

A quiet town with a lot to give, Tiradentes is a great place to eat

General info about Tiradentes

Tiradentes is one of the smallest cities in Minas Gerais. However, small it may be, but it has some of the best preserved colonial infrastructures in Brazil. It has a population of about 6000 more or less and it is teeming with amazing architecture like the gold-filled Matriz church. Tiradentes is also very popular for food lovers since most especially during August since it is full of amazing food selections from regional restaurants and modern ones. The best way to experience the magnificence of the city of Tiradentes is by walking. Do not waste your gas since this is a great place to walk around.

Accommodations in Tiradentes

There are many pousadas in Tiradentes and they range from simple bed spaces to the more comfortable inns. You can also check out the nearby hotels and inns on nearby towns and cities. During holiday times and weekends, Tiradentes becomes very busy so if you are planning on visiting during these days (which is advisable); book your hotel as early as possible. There are some nice hotels in less touristy cities and it is very near so a little car ride will do the trick, otherwise, try to find a pousadas inside Tiradentes for more access to the events and a walking distance place to stay. Check out hotel options like Villa Allegra and Pequena Tiradentes.

Tiradentes, Minas Gerais, Brazil - Procession at a typical colonial street

Activities in Tiradentes

The highlight of Tiradentes is the collection of colonial buildings in its old town. You should visit the church, fountains, the museums, stone bridge and some other nice infrastructures in Tiradentes. You can also try small carriage tours which are a 1-hour ride across the city and some other special spots. You should also try trekking in the mountains of Serra de Sao Jose. In August, go for the Cultural and gastronomic festival. It is a very simple city, no beaches but it does have an allure that makes it a fantastic area to visit in this region in Brazil.

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Petropolis: The beauty of the Imperial City

If you want to see something royal and precious, go to Petropolis and be amazed

General info about Petropolis

Petropolis is known as the Imperial City of Brazil. The city is found in Rio de Janeiro and is nestled at the lush hills of Serra dos Orgaos. Petropolis is a very popular summer holiday spot. Aside from its amazing climate, here, you can see the summer palaces of former Brazilian Emperors. These palaces were turned into museums specializing in the imperial history of Brazil as well as some memorabilia. Around the 1830s, Petropolis was just a mere farmland but was developed by Emperor Dom Pedro I and then his son created a summer palace in this spot. Not long after that, Cathedrals and mansions were built all over this place and was called the Imperial City. You can travel to Petropolis on the road by riding a bus from Rio as well as other places like Brasilia and Sao Paulo.

Accommodations in Petropolis

There are a number of hotels and pousadas around Petropolis and they offer quite a nice service for travelers. Some of the hotels is just near the bus station so you would not have to worry about getting to the bus station late. There are some hotels that offer amazingly designed rooms that look antiquated and colonial. There are hotels that offer all you can eat breakfast so if you are a hungry traveler, take note of those details. There are some good pousadas that offer waterfalls and spring proximity so you can enjoy a nice time wading or bathing. Some good options are Riverside Park Hotel and Solar do Imperio.

Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Quintandinha

Activities in Petropolis

Of course you should see first what the hype is all about in Petropolis. Check out the palatial museum that offers great memorabilia from times past. Check the cathedral at Petropolis. Look at the crystal palace which is a green house that was given to Princess Isabela from France and was shipped to Brazil. You should go rafting as well as hiking while riding mountain bikes in Petropolis. Check out the stores and buy yourself some nice clothes and some good food.


Pantanal North: A glimpse of Amazon

Pantanal North is a natural destination that will surely captivate your mind and environmental awareness

General info about Pantanal North

At the heart of South America, to the West of Brazil and extend to Bolivia and some parts of Paraguay, plays an important living system. Pantanal is a precious gem in the heart of South America and it is one of the biggest of not the biggest freshwater wetland ecosystems in the world. Extending from an area of around 145,000km2 to around 200,000km2 Pantanal is an important source of life to this area of the world and consequently the rest of the world. The home to more than 3000 species of animals and a dwelling place to exotic animals, Pantanal North are much influenced by the mighty Amazonia compared to the South which is influenced by the Chaco and Atlantic rainforest. Of course they do have differences but they are both impeccable and appealing.

Accommodations in Pantanal North

To stay in Pantanal, you should explore the fazendas and these are great locations to experience the beauty of Pantanal. They are owned by cattle herders and they are simple lodges that give good views to the rainforest. It is authentic scenery so it really adds up to the appeal and glory of Pantanal. You can go to other lodges but they do not have that authentic appeal thus they do not offer that much excitement compared to authentic fazendas. You are there for the experience so make sure to go for authenticity. How about Araras Lodge, Rio Mutum or Jaguar Research for some nice hotel options.

Pantanal North - Waterfall

Activities in Pantanal North

Seeing the inside of Pantanal North is like exploring the world at its best. Look at the many species of birds, insects and reptiles in Pantanal North and check out the amazing appeal of the broadleaf forest of the Amazon. Take pictures or better yet, capture the beauty of Pantanal in video. You will love the immaculate beauty of this location as different from anything else that the world could offer. There is much beauty in the world than just mere buildings and the natural system of Pantanal serves as a majestic symbol of the might nature and how we should preserve it.

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Porto de Galinhas: Discovering a nice getaway

You will love Porto de Galinhas as there are so many things to do here!

General info about Porto de Galinhas

Porto de Galinhas is a town in Pernambuco at the northeastern part of Brazil. This is a fantastic beach town and is a weekend getaway from the city of Recife. It has amazing reefs and it is generally a pleasant area to visit if you are in need of some underwater adventure. The place is teeming with amazing accommodations. It has a very laidback and pleasant atmosphere and is just a fun and amazing place to go to recharge and relax. Porto de Galinhas is quite small so walking around is the best way to travel in this place. You can reach Porto de Galinhas from Recife by taxi or by bus.

Accommodations in Porto de Galinhas

The accommodations in Porto de Galinhas range from posadas to 5 start hotels. There are great pousadas that you can take advantage of because some of them are really spacious for family usage instead of having a massive room in a hotel that could cost so much more. The pousadas are usually in strategic locations around Porto de Galinhas so you are sure that you will get a pleasant view of the sea. If you wish to go high end, there are 5 start hotels that can attend to your luxury needs. This is a great location for exciting experiences so splurge all you want because you deserve it. Check out options like Dorisol Porto De Galinhas, Solar Porto De Galinhas, Summerville and Nannai Resort.

Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco, Brazil - Aereal view of the beach w reefs

Activities in Porto de Galinhas

The most glamorous things can be done in Porto de Galinhas. You can go swimming, check the reefs on a low tide (authorization required), watch surfers, go to a Caribbean-style island, rent a boat, ride a buggy and just enjoy the sun and the waves. You should also go by the beach to eat some of the scrumptious barbecued seafood and meats. Check out the streets for some nice arts and crafts that you can buy as a souvenir of your stay here in Porto de Galinhas.

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