The Power Of The Rio Carnival Costumes

How can incredible costumes take you to the next level? The Rio Carnival is a celebration of colors, of dancing, music and pure energy and it would not be complete without the essential Brazilian costume for this special event. Year after year, designs and looks of the brazilian carnival costume becomes more out of this world and the show gets even more exciting.

Rio Carnival is a Record Maker

Did you know that Rio Carnival is at the Guinness Book? Let me tell you why. Rio de Janeiro is a city full of energy and full of happy people. The epic moment of happiness is during Carnival when people forget all about their problems and join the streets to celebrate and have fun.

Ways To Organize Your Rio Carnival 2014 Trip

If you’ve already marked the Carnival Rio 2014 dates on your calendar, here are a few options to consider while planning your trip. Though it may seem like it’s far away, it’s never too early to start planning your Carnival Rio 2014 holiday. Depending on if you’re traveling alone, with someone else or in a group, there are several options to choose from.

Paraty: A Different Side Of Rio

Colonial buildings and a bright emerald beach, do you get the picture of Paraty? General info about Paraty Rio is not just about the bustling city and great nightlife. There are some amazing towns that are worth visiting in this region of Brazil.

Keep notes of Rio Carnival Dates

Get your Carnival dates right so you don't miss out on all the fun! Knowing the Rio Carnival dates is important to make sure that you do not miss out all the highlights of the festivity. Moreover, contrary to your own belief, carnival does not happen for only one day.

Fernando De Noronha Is Brazil’s Best-kept Secret

If you love nature and you are passionate about its beauty, then Fernando de Noronha is your next stop! General info about Fernando de Noronha When the waters of the Amazon, the Orinoco and the South Atlantic meet, they go to a special place where everything feels unique, magnificent and special.

Portela: The Winner Takes It All

A record breaker and a record maker, Portela Samba School never stops in making history! Winning 21 titles in the Rio Carnival, more than any other samba schools across Brazil, the Portela samba school is one of the most popular, revered and oldest schools. It has undergone a lot of name changes from its inception in 1930 until Portela Samba School has been formally established as its official samba school name.

New Year’s In Rio Packages And Deals

Loosen up on your holidays, tighten up your budget and experience the unique New Year’s experience in Rio! What's it about New Year that gets everyone excited? Could it be the hope of a new beginning or the festivities that are organized in the world? The thing is, anyone is up for a party and hoping for something better to come in the New Year, so why not celebrate in style and even more, why not celebrate it in the biggest event of the world, the Rio de Janeiro New Year's party!

Get Ready For Carnaval 2014

If you are getting ready for Carnaval 2014 here are some things to help you to have the best time ever. People who love Brazil Carnaval and who want to make sure they get a slice of the action are starting to get ready for Carnaval 2014 now.