Crowning Glory of Rio Carnival – Carnival Winner

If you want to catch the best performances and the Carnival winner of the Grand Carnival: Winners Parade is just for you! For those who want to taste the world’s most celebrated carnival but without the entire nonstop dancing and festivities, being a spectator to the Winners Parade featuring the Carnival winner is the best bet.

The Caiman Hotel in Pantanal South

A closer look at the Caiman located in Pantanal South. The Caiman Ecological Refuge is a famous resort, ranch and ecotourism accommodation in Brazil. It is situated in South Pantanal in Mato Grosso do Sul. The nearest city is Miranda.

How to Secure the Best Carnival Rio Tickets

If you are looking for Carnival Rio tickets, you are in for a very big surprise! There are already thousands of sellers who can provide you with the ticket that you need. It is simply a matter of learning how to get one.

Transfer to Samba Parade from the Cruiseship

You are at a cruiseship in Rio and want to know if there is transfer to the samba parade? There is no more need to worry about transportation if you are on board of a cruiseship for Rio de Janeiro Carnival. We got you covered! You can book your roundtrip shuttle service from the port of Rio to the Sambadrome.

Ready For A Party Preparing For Rio Carnival 2014

Rio is teeming with energy so prepare to enjoy all that carnival can give you. Are you ready for a real party? Time is ticking, every second speeds up. Rio carnival 2014 is coming and you have you must be part of this majestic event.

Simpatia é Quase Amor – An Alternative To Banda De Ipanema

Simpatia é quase amor - for those who wish to have an alternative to Banda de Ipanema. Simpatia é Quase Amor first debuted in 1985, a full twenty years after Banda de Ipanema. This new coming bloco was meant for families including children to participate and enjoy the magic of street parties.

Samba and Carnaval

Here are some interesting information about Rio Carnaval and Samba. Brazil carnaval would not be what it is without the element of Samba. It is an evocative, passionate and energetic dance that only Brazilians know how to perform with perfection.

Suvaco de Cristo – The Christ’s Armpit

Bloco Suvaco de Cristo offers a memorable carnival experience, where the good times roll. Bloco Suvaco de Cristo parades in the Botanic Garden District of Rio de Janeiro and passes below the arms of the great statue of Christ the Redeemer, a land mark in the world.

The Cozy Piuval Pantanal Hotel In North Pantanal

A closer look at the Piuval Pantanal located in Pantanal North. Inspected by our Hotel Expert team. The Piuval Pantanal is a beautiful inn located in the municipal district of Barão de Melgaço, north of Pantanal , Brazil. Being just 10 kilometers from Pocone and around 110 kilometers from Cuiaba, the inn is very accessible through the highway.