The Ipanema Plaza Hotel in Rio de Janeiro

A closer look at the Ipanema Plaza located in Rio de Janeiro. Just less than 100 meters from Ipanema Beach, 5 minutes walk from Copacabana beach, and easy access downtown and to all airports in Rio, there is a great designed Hotel named Golden Tulip Ipanema Plaza. Adding to this atmosphere are the stylish bars, restaurants and shops that surround Hotel Golden Tulip Ipanema Plaza.

Brazil Carnival Samba School Nights 2014

If you want to experience the true flavor of a Samba school you must visit a Samba school night on your Carnival Brazil 2014 trip. What happens at Samba school nights?

How to Participate in the Carnaval 2014 Rio Parade

If you want to experience the Carnaval 2014 Rio Parade in all its glory, there’s no better way than to actually participate in it. Participating in the greatest show on earth is truly the experience of a lifetime and it may be far simpler than you imagine.