Get Your Carnival Costume and Take Part of Rio Carnival

GO TO RIOCOSTUMES.COM If you want to have even more fun that watching one of the infamous parades at the Sambodrome consider taking part in a parade. Many of the Samba schools welcome visitors to join in the fun and take part in a real Carnival Samba parade. To do so you need a costume, a big smile and a sense of adventure.

The Costume

Each Samba school prepares itself for the yearly Carnival Samba Parade competition. These schools pick a theme, write a theme song and choreograph a dance to the theme song. They then design the floats and costumes to use in the finale parade. Some samba schools will actually put their costumes up for sale to those who wish to join in the fun of the parade. Simply purchase the costume and show up when it is time for your parade and have a ball!

Rio Carnival costumes parade 2010

Float Costume

There are two types of Samba parade costumes. There are the float costumes. These costumes are usually more elaborate and are made for riding on the float. Because they are more elaborate they are also more expensive. However, with the costume comes a spot on the float. While this does sound exciting, keep in mind that often the stage is small and wobbly. And, no matter how scary it gets, you are beholden to remain on the float until the end of the parade.

Ground Costume

With your feet flat on the ground, the ground costume is made for participants who walk through the parade. The costumes are cheaper than float costumes. In addition, they are usually less cumbersome and easier to maneuver in. Choose a costume that looks fairly comfortable as you will have to walk quite a distance.

Choosing a Costume

So how do you decide on a costume that is best for you? We can help you decide. First consider your price range as that will help narrow the field. Second decide if you want to be on a float or on the ground. The next step is to decide if you want VIP service with your costume. With VIP service you are picked up at your hotel and escorted and guided throughout the Samba parade. At the end of the parade transportation is provided back to your hotel. The next step in choosing a costume is the color. Some costumes are made of many bright colors. There are others that are monochromatic and still others that are all white or all black. Once you decide on color look at the styles. Some costumes can be quite cumbersome and will completely cover you, which can be hot. Others are light, airy with lots of ventilation. Once you have made your choice the costume will be delivered to you a few days before the parade.

Taking Part in the Parade

Remember these Samba schools are in competition with each other. You do not want to do anything to jeopardize their efforts. So be sure to follow the directions of the parade director. If you get confused follow the individual in front of you. Look happy and keep smiling. Do not wear anything other than your costume. Remember there is no place to store clothes, money or other valuables. Therefore it is best to wear your costume to the venue and hide a small fanny pack under you costume with money and a copy of your passport. Be on time to the parade. You are expected to arrive two hours prior to march time.  Make sure you wear all of your costume and it is in proper order.


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Our team of experts can help you pick out your costume. We will arrange for it to be tailored and delivered to your place of residence prior to the parade. VIP service will pick you up and get you back after the parade. Keep in mind you can wear these costumes again at one of the balls during the Carnival or for Halloween or other festivals at home.