All about Rio de Janeiro: Carnival, New Year’s Celebration and More

One of the happiest and most exciting places on earth! That describes Rio de Janeiro perfectly. Sitting on the coast of Brazil and surrounded by the mountains and rainforest, the city is quite an awe-inspiring site. In addition, Rio is known for its parties during the Carnival and New Year’s Eve. There is much to see and do here and plenty of carousing to enjoy.


The biggest party in the world takes place in Rio during the Carnival. For two weeks visitors are engulfed in a wave of revelry, dancing and celebration. This bacchanalian festival swarms the streets, parks and beaches with its Samba music ebbing and flowing through the lanes and its beautiful people decked out for the balls, street parties and parades. Visitors can choose to simply sit back and watch the festivities or decide to take an active role. Samba schools place their costumes on sale and allow anyone to purchase them and participate in the ultimate Samba school competition at the Sambodrome.  The party never ends and we make sure you have a front row seat to all the decadence and fun.

New Years Eve

Right behind the Carnival in popularity is the New Years Eve celebration. Copacabana beach is set up with over 2 kilometers of sound stages for live concerts. Everything from traditional samba to rock and roll is played on these stages for New Year’s Eve. At midnight, the fireworks are set off from 3-4 barges sitting out in the harbor. The 20-minute show is jaw dropping. The 1 million attendees are dressed all in white to bring them good luck in the coming year. Expect to get doused with champagne, another sign of good luck.

Tour Packages

We are happy to announce that our expert tour agents will develop a tour to satisfy your needs. We will carefully listen to what you wish to do on your visit to Rio and plan an itinerary around your desires.  The tour package will include air fare and accommodations at the very least. We will be happy to book you into one of the several eco-tours offered.  Or we can provide you with your own personal guide to take you around Rio. Whatever you can think up, we can make happen.

Dining in Rio

Rio de Janeiro is a smorgasbord of restaurants. From native Brazilian, to Italian, to Indian there is a restaurant to suit any gourmet’s palate. The favorite restaurants that are easy on the budget are the buffet style restaurants that actually charge by the weight of your food. Barbecue or churrascaria as it is called in Brazil is quite popular. Rodizios are also a favorite of locals and visitors alike. Fairly inexpensive, waiters bring out large slabs of meat on spits to each table. Meat is carved off the slab at the diner’s request.  Another specialty of Rio is seafood and there are many top-notch restaurants that specialize in serving up the ocean’s bounty.

Rio Nightlife

The most popular venues in Rio are the Samba clubs. Lapa is considered one of the best and is a great place to visit to learn how to Samba. Many knowledgeable dancers will be more than willing to help you learn. To enjoy the local music look for the underground clubs in the southern parts of the city.  These clubs are also quite easy on the budget.

Rio can be a very busy place at night and during the day. There is so much to see and do that visitors barely have time to take a breath. However, for the person who believes a vacation means doing nothing but resting and relaxing there is a spot on the beach just for you. If you decide to spend your vacation in Rio, we can find you the best accommodations and activities to suit your needs.