Pantanal Wild Life in Brazil’s Most Spectacular Scenario

GO TO PANTANALBOOKERS.COM The tropical wetlands of Brazil, known as Pantanal are the largest in the world covering over 140,000-sq. km. During the rainy season 80% of the Pantanal is under water. There is quite a diverse array of animals, fish and aquatic plants along with birds, reptiles and amphibians.

Traveling the Pantanal

We offer several different tour packages to this area. Most of our tours start in Cuiaba and Campo Grande. From there, visitors and their experienced guides are free to explore the parks and reserves that range across the Pantanal. While in the wetlands expect to see Capybara, the Giant River Otter, the Maned Wolf, the Jaguar or the Giant Anteater.  Eagles and Macaws make up a large part of the avian population and Anacondas, Iguanas and Tortoise are the common reptiles in the area.
Wild Jaguar from the wetlands of Brazilian Pantanal


Cuiaba is the capital city of Mato Grosso. This Brazilian state is located in the center of the continent and is a jumping off point to visit the Pantanal. However, the city itself has much to offer. Once the center of cattle country, there are still shops where you can purchase cowboy boots, saddles and western clothing. There are plenty of gourmet restaurants, night clubs and an open downtown that features live bands, markets and street vendors. We can arrange several enjoyable activities both inside and outside the city including guided daytime hikes canoe trips, nighttime drives to see jaguars, capybaras and even tarantulas and horseback rides through the Pantanal. Trips to the highlands or Chapada dos Guimaraes, are available to enjoy the cliffs, canyons and plateaus, waterfalls, swimming holes and some incredible bird watching.

Mato Grosso

The state of Mato Grosso in Brazil contains within its borders the Pantanal to the south. Fishing and bird watching are two of the most popular pastimes in the area. There is also a tour of the surrounding waterfalls and a trip to the highest point in the area, Mount Sao Jeronimo. Caverns and a rock formation that looks like a city are other sites in the area. Boat tours, horseback tours and photographic safaris through the Pantanal can all be arranged while visiting. There are plenty of old cattle farms in the areas that now serve as overnight accommodations and can be quite fun to stay at. The capital of Matto Grosso is Campo Grande.
Birds at the wetlands of Brazilian Pantanal

Campo Grande

This city is another gateway to the Pantanal. There are over 17 parks within the city. Some have lovely waterfalls. Others allow skating, cycling or motor-biking.  Some are just lovely to stroll through and enjoy the beauty of the trees and flowers.  There are parks for children and parks where wild animals roam freely. There is park shaped like a fish and another that celebrates Japanese immigrants. There are also several museums including the Museu Dom Bosco with a collection of over 10,000 insects all from the Pantanal and surrounding area. There are stores where local craftsmen sell their wares as well as quite a few shopping malls. Restaurants featuring local and ethnic fare are scattered throughout the city. Camp Grande also has a healthy nightlife with plenty of bars and nightclubs. There are also hotels to suit any budget.

Pantanal Tours

We can arrange almost any type of tour through the Pantanal that you desire. Spend your days at the Caiman Ecological Refuge or take a horseback ride through the marshes and palm forests of the Pantanal. Take a kayak tour or hike along trails of varying difficulties. A 4-wheel tour is an easy way to see the capybaras, giant anteaters, ocelots, lizards and boa constrictors. We can arrange for you to fish for piranha or spend an afternoon locating many of the 650 species of birds.  Take a photo-safari, search for wildlife at night or swim in one of the local swimming holes during the day.

Tours of the Pantanal can be as short as two or three days or last a week and beyond. We encourage you to design your own tour to suit your needs and abilities.