A New Year’s Eve Celebration You will Never Forget

GO TO NEWYEARS-BRAZIL.COM New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro is one of the city’s favorite celebrations. In terms of size and popularity only the Carnival can beat it. People come from all over Brazil and all over the world to celebrate. Plan on booking this trip early as space fills up quickly. We will find you the best accommodations right in the center of all the actions. And do not forget to bring something white to wear.

Copacabana Beach

Most of the celebrations take place along Copacabana beach. Stroll along a 4-kilometer stretch of beach and enjoy one of the many concerts from classical Samba to modern Brazilian rock music. The music starts at 8pm. A gigantic Ferris Wheel located at the Forte de Copacabana is set up for rides. At midnight a move and light show projected on and around the Ferris Wheel contributes to the official countdown prior to the fireworks.


The fireworks are set off at midnight from 3-4 barges set in the bay overlooking Copacabana beach.  The show lasts for about 20 minutes. Impressive cruise ships anchor in the bay so their passengers can enjoy the spectacle too. The ships themselves make for quite an incredible display. About 1 million people gather along the beach to watch the fireworks.

New Year’s Eve Tradition

To ensure luck throughout the New Year be sure to wear white. If you want to add a splash of color try red if you want a romantic relationship in the coming year. Green will bring you health and yellow will bring you wealth. Do not wear black or you in for a world of trouble in the New Year. Many locals, wishing to pay tribute to Yemanja, the sea god, bring flowers and cast them in the water prior to midnight. Or you can purchase one of the small makeup kits for sale that contains powder, soap and lipstick. These kits sit in a small blue and white boat and they are also set in water to thank Yemanja for a blessing bestowed in the previous year. You will get wet, not by water, but by champagne. If you can’t beat them join them, grab your own bottle, shake it up and douse everyone around you. Believe it or not, getting sprayed by champagne is also considered good luck.

Words to the Wise

Of course the best rooms during New Years Eve are on Copacabana beach facing the water. We will do our best to accommodate your wishes if you want such a room but be prepared to pay a hefty price.  Regardless of where you stay, come prepared with old comfortable shoes and old clothing.  You may have to walk quite a distance and you will get wet and dirty. If you are wearing sandals or flip flops watch out for broken glass.

Make a Night of It

Make the whole night a celebration. Begin early with a delicious dinner at one of the incredible restaurants in Rio. We will be happy to recommend the perfect one. Follow dinner with a stroll down the beach to listen to the music. Enjoy the fireworks at midnight. End the evening by dancing until dawn at one of the many nightclubs. Finally stop in at one of the better hotels to enjoy a sumptuous breakfast and a final glass of champagne before heading to bed.

New Years Eve Package

Let us know how you wish to spend New Year’s Eve and we will arrange for you right down to the last glass of champagne. Air fare, accommodations, a local guide and reservations for dinner and breakfast can all be provided at your request. We can even suggest some local shops to get a white t-shirt and white pants if you forgot to bring them. We are committed to making this a New Year’s you will not forget.