Iguazu Falls is Brazil’s Most Visited Destination After Rio

GO TO IGUAZUBOOKERS.COM A World Heritage site, Iguana Falls is one of the great wonders of the world. Their beauty leaves the spectator breathless and the biodiversity surrounding the falls is incalculable. A Garden of Eden set in the wilds of South America, the falls lie between Brazil and Argentina. Both countries have set up national parks surrounding the falls. While most of the falls lie in Argentina, they face Brazil so some of the best views are from the Brazil side.

Visiting the Falls Via Brazil

It is best to experience the falls from both the Brazil and Argentina sides. The largest falls is “Devil’s Throat” whose water’s roar can be heard miles away. The Brazilian side of the falls has a one-mile long trail that leads to the base of Devil’s Throat. There are also excellent views of smaller waterfalls along the way. An elevator will take visitors to the top of the falls where there is a souvenir shop and restaurant.

Iguazu Falls Brazil

Visiting the Falls Via Argentina

The Argentinean side of the falls has two separate trails, the Upper Circuit and the Lower Circuit. The Upper Circuit allows visitors views of the top of the falls, San Martin Island and the Brazilian falls. The Lower Circuit allows you to see the smaller falls. A close encounter with the Carols Bozzetti falls is possible on the lower Circuit. In the middle of the Iguana River is the San Martin Island. A ferry from the Upper Circuit will take travelers to this island. A trail on the island is accessible by climbing 174 steps.

Iguazu Falls Argentina

Flying Over the Falls

A helicopter tour over the falls is available. You have the option of a quick 10 minute flight over the falls or an extended 35-minute flight. The longer flight visits the Falls, National Park, Iguana Falls City and the Itaipu Dam. It also flies over the three frontiers landmark where Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina come together.

Boat Trips

There are quite a few boat trips along the Iguana River. Some of the trips are leisurely jaunts up the river. Guests can enjoy the lovely forests on either side. There are also some very exciting inflatable jet boat tours that take you right up to the base of falls and even behind the falls. Expect to get wet on these exhilarating rides. Kayaks are also available for rent in the national parks and there are guided white water rafting tours too.

Iguazu City

The nearest city to the falls is Iguazu City. Accommodations will be made in this city when you visit the falls. This city is accessible via flights into the Iguazu International Airport as well as by bus from surrounding cities. The city itself has fun activities including golfing, fishing, horseback riding and a water park. An ultra-light plane will take you on a tour of the city and surrounding area. There are also some thermal pools to relax and enjoy as well as lovely gardens to visit. Allow us to make all your plans for your visit to Iguazu Falls. We will take care of the flight, transportation and accommodations for your visit. We will also be happy to help you make reservations for some of the tours offered at Iguazu Falls.