O Carnaval do Brasil Contado num Bom Português

The Carnival is a season of celebration in Brazil. Festivities are held in the smallest hamlets and the largest cities. Some of the biggest Carnival parties are in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo. is proud to offer travel packages to some of the best Carnival celebrations in Brazil.  These packages include airfare, accommodations and tickets to all the major events.

Rio Carnival

The Carnival actually originated here in 1641as a period of balls and costume parties and by the 19th century Samba schools has been introduced into the mix. Today, there are several costume balls that are held during the Carnival and the event culminates in a Samba competition held in the Sambodrome.  Tour packages to the Carnival in Rio include first-rate hotel accommodations as well as tickets to the ball of your choice as well as tickets to the Sambodrome. Or, if you wish to participate we will provide you a costume and you can actually dance with one of the Samba schools during the competition.

Sao Paulo

The Carnival celebration in Sao Paulo has its main event in the Sambodrome of Anhembi. The parades are just as spectacular as in Rio and consist of both Samba schools and Soccer schools competing.  There are also free concerts throughout the city as well as local block parties usually run by the Samba schools. Fancy costumes are encouraged at these parties. There are also several masquerade and costume balls to enjoy.


Bahia is a Brazilian state in the northeast.  The Carnival is also celebrated with great pomp and exuberance as in Rio and Sao Paulo. The music in Bahia is not strictly Samba as it is in Rio and Sao Paulo. There is a mix of several different styles including samba-reggae, axe, samba-enredo, samba de embalo, funk-samba and samba de bloco.  There is also a large African influence in the dance style in Bahia. Attending the Carnival in Bahia is quite different from the one in Rio due to the musical diversity and the different dance styles amongst the groups.


Two cities in the state of Pernambuco celebrate the Carnival in a fairly unique way. Recife and Olinda dance to the frevo and maracatu musical rhythms. Their largest parade is Galo da Madrugada and it actually attracts upwards of 1 million people. Frevo music and dance are quite raucous with an African influence. The open umbrella is their primary prop. There are no group competitions here. Instead, it is all about people coming together with a happy spirit to dance, sing and celebrate in harmony.

Minas Gerais

The Carnival in this state is celebrated in the cities of Ouro Preto, Diamantina and Mariana.  Student houses host the various parades unlike Samba schools. Pompeu is another city in Minas Gerais whose Carnival celebration is characterized by large parades. The celebration centers on different themes and fantasies. The bands leading the parades feature drums and a brass section.  These celebrations are especially popular with young college students who flock to Minas Gerais, especially the city of Ouro Preto to enjoy the Carnival. Our company can provide younger people with Carnival packages to this area that will suit their student budgets.

Carnival Packages

Wherever you decide to celebrate the Carnival our expert agents will be happy to put together a travel package to suit your needs. Whether you want to sit on the sidelines and take it all in or dance at the balls and join in the parades we can make it happen. knows the best places to stay and will work to get you the lowest transportation costs. We want your Carnival celebration to be care free and fun around the clock.