Brazil Carnival and all its Splendor Parades and Parties

GO TO CARNIVALBOOKERS.COMWhile the Carnival is celebrated in many cities around the world there is no celebration to rival the Carnival in Rio. Close to 1 million people a year come to Rio de Janeiro to celebrate the Carnival with the Cariocas (local people). We can provide our clients with an all-inclusive package to Rio for the Carnival including hotel, airfare and tickets to many of the costume balls as well the almighty Sambodrome competition and parade.

Staying in Rio

To get the best hotels you must book with us early as they fill up fast for the Carnival. We have hotels to suit every budget from exclusive 5 star resorts to more budget friendly places to stay.  There are also several quaint inns and bed and breakfasts for those of you who prefer a cozier setting. Just let us know what type of accommodation you prefer and we will find a venue to suit all your preferences.

Celebrating the Carnival

The culmination of the Carnival is the Samba Parade in the Sambodrome. Seating is on the Grandstands. We will be sure to get you tickets for the best seats available. There are also assigned chairs that provide you seating for the whole night. The chairs are in Sectors 6 and 13 and sit on tilted steps to ensure the best views. There are also front boxes called Frisas. Each frisa or box has chairs for 6 people. These are some of the best tickets in the house. Select rows A & B if you want to be close to the parade road. Finally, Luxury Suites have the best views of all. These suites come with waiters, buffets and alcohol. Needless to say these are also the most expensive.

Fancy Balls

Fancy dress balls are another fun event during the Carnival. We can provide you with tickets to some of the best balls including the Red and Black Ball, Salgueiro Carnival Ball and Beer Ball. The Red and Black Ball celebrate Rio’s soccer team, Flamingos.  Salgueiro is one of the Samba schools in Rio and their ball will feature their incredible drummers. The Beer Ball offers free beer all night. There is also the infamous Magic Ball where black tie or formal costume is required. Tickets to this ball include a buffet and open bar.

Dressing Up

Attendees to the Carnival have the option of dressing up in one of the amazingly elaborate costumes and dancing with one of the Samba schools at the Sambodrome.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! We can help you find the perfect costume for the parade and will reserve it and make sure it is ready for you to wear to the parade. Costumes must be reserved early to give tailors time to custom fit your outfit.

Other Events During the Carnival

Stages are set up all through the city. Local street bands play regularly during the Carnival. These concerts are free and all are welcome to join in the fun and drink and dance the night away. There are also several street parties with the largest on Cinelandia Square. These parties last for days and feature live bands, Samba dancing and talented singers. Many show up in costume to join in the fun. Drag queens are especially prevalent and their interaction with the audience can be hysterical. Carnival nights happen at the Arches of Lapa. During these parties the young people gather in costume to listen to the latest trends in Brazilian music.

We at Carnival Bookers are dedicated to giving you the time of your life at the Carnival. From street parties and free concerts to fancy balls and the Sambodrome we will let you know where all the action is! We will also provide you with tickets and costumes for any celebration or event you desire.