Los Carnavales de Brasil en Español

GO TO CARNAVALES-BRASIL.COMThe Carnival is one of the most celebrated events in Brazil. The biggest Carnival party in the world is in the amazing city of Rio de Janeiro.  The Carnival in Salvador de Bahia is more spontaneous and down to earth and not as extravagant as the one in Rio. In Recife-Olinda the party climaxes when 1.5 million people gather downtown for the Galo da Madrugada and dance in their costumes till dawn.

Rio Carnival

Brazilians know how to party and especially during the Carnival. This period of merriment leading up to Lent is full of street parties, balls, free concerts, local parades and the big finale, the Samba parade at the Sambodrome. For two weeks Samba music drifts on the air day and night. Locals and visitors all join in the dance party and we want to make sure you are at the forefront of all the action. From first class accommodations to first class tickets for all the events we will make sure the fun never ends.  Even if you want to dress up and dance with one of the Samba schools at the Sambodrome we can arrange for that as well!

Salvador de Bahia

In Salvador de Bahia, the Carnival takes on a whole new light. There are no flashy costumes or half dressed people dancing down the street. Instead it is a city packed to the brim with music, drums and people having a great time. It’s not about one street or a few grandstands. Instead, all the streets are packed with celebrants and each street has its own grandstand.

Celebrating in Salvador de Bahia Style

Begin your stay by taking part in Trio Eletricos, a parade that is led by a semi-trailer containing a live band and outrageous sound equipment. We will get you properly dressed to join in. Then take part in a barracas or local street party. It will not be hard to find one, as they are located on every block. We will be happy to point out the best ones.


Two of the most popular places to celebrate the Carnival – Recife and Olinda really know how to throw a party. We want to make sure you are part of the action so our accommodations will be centrally located to easily reach almost any venue. We will also advise you of the best parties, concerts and dance contests in these cities.

Carnival at Recife

The Carnival at Recife is characterized by stages for live music strewn about its streets. Recife likes to plan well in advance of the Carnival and their celebration begins in December. So even if you cannot get to the Carnival during those two weeks of merriment, Recife has Carnival parties starting around Christmas. These parties are really dress rehearsals for the Carnival. Percussion groups gather in clubs, parks and on city streets to practice their routines. The drums celebrate Indian, African, Fevo and Samba music. Everyone is welcome to gather around and dance.

Galo da Madrugada

Galo da Madrugada hosts Recife’s biggest Carnival party. It usually takes place on a Saturday morning.  Up to 1.5 million people, dressed in crazy costumes, show up at dawn to celebrate the rising of the sun.    The celebration begins with a parade and is followed by enthusiastic dancing in the African style or the native Indian style.  Feel free to don costume, (we will find one for you) and join in the wild madrigal.


Olinda’s Carnival parties occur in the city’s neighborhoods. The streets fill up in the evening with live concerts and dancing. Everyone is expected to participate whether you decide to carry an umbrella during the frevo or bump bellies with your neighbors during the bate-coxa. If you are in really great shape and are very flexible you might want to try the very difficult caboclinho.  Or if sophistication and aristocracy is your thing then join in the maracatu. You let us know what parties or parades you want to attend and we will get you there.

For the budget conscious the party at Recife-Olinda is the most affordable and it provides the most bang for your buck. If you really want to live large and attend all three Carnival celebrations let us know and we will arrange it for you.