Brazil Travel and Beyond. South America at Your Fingertips.

GO TO BRAZILBOOKERS.COM There is no place better than South America and we put it all at your fingertips so dare to dream and let us make all your wishes come true. From the rainforests of the Amazon to the Samba dancers at the Rio we can help you plan the most spectacular Brazil vacation of your life.

Rio de Janeiro

Let us whisk you away to the city that sunbathes all day and dances all night. Visit some of the most famous beaches in the world including Ipanema and Copacabana. Travel to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain or visit the infamous Christ the Redeemer statue. At night we will whisk you off to some of the best Samba clubs for a lesson in Samba and a night of revelry.

Leme and Copacabana beach sunny day. Rio de Janeiro


The most spectacular celebration in the entire world, the Carnival is an eclectic mix of flashy costumes, gargantuan floats, infectious music and beautiful people. For two weeks prior to Lent the party never stops. Expect to take part in local street parades, Samba school dance parties and the culmination of Carnival, the Sambodrome spectacular. We will make sure you do not miss a thing!

New Years Eve

Just as incredible as the Carnival, New Years Eve in Rio is a festive event that is quickly growing in popularity. We can offer you a front row seat to all the activities.  Over 1 million people gather on Copacabana beach to enjoy live music and Samba shows as well as a spectacular fireworks display at midnight. We will find you the best accommodations right in the center of all the activity so you can enjoy every minute of the celebration.

The Amazon

The most amazing Eco-system in the world, the Amazon River and its surrounding rainforest, is like no other place on Earth. Both dangerous and mysterious yet exhilarating and awe inspiring, a trip through the Amazon is a life altering experience. The incredible plant and animal life surround you, engulf you and infuse you with their natural spirituality and beauty. We work with experienced guides who will show you some of the most jaw-dropping sights and take you up close and personal with a wild world you never knew existed.

Amazon Florest animals Brazil

Iguassu Falls

Over 275 waterfalls line the Iguassu River. Considered one of the great wonders of the world, this spectacular site can be seen from the air, ground or water. Swoop down over the falls, walk along the wooden walkways or take a jet boat under the toppling waters. Hike the surrounding parklands, bike its trails or rappel down its cliffs. Adventure is yours for the taking.  And if you prefer a more laid back vacation we can book you a float along the Iguassu River or find you a picnic table and a swimming hole to laze the day away.

Beyond Brazil

Our agents at Bookers International will also happily design a tour that is perfect for you. We are very knowledgeable about the whole continent of South America and will plan the trip of your dreams.   Visit the wilds of Ecuador and then hop on a ship to tour the Galapagos Islands. Enjoy a cruise to Antarctica and then hike up the trail to visit Machu Picchu. Chile, Peru, Argentina or Patagonia, wherever you wish to go our knowledgeable and efficient agents will work with you to plan your ideal vacation.

The beauty of South America is unique and exclusive to the continent. Nowhere else on earth will the traveler be able to find such majesty of nature or heartwarming people