Explore the Brazil Amazon, Its Lodges and River Cruises

GO TO AMAZONBOOKERS.COM The Amazon River and its surrounding rainforest is the most bio-diverse area on the planet. The river itself and its tributaries run for an amazing 80,000 sq. km. while the forest covers 7 million sq. km.  Man has yet to explore all of the rainforest and there are probably thousands of plants, animals and insects yet to be discovered.


This city is the jumping off point for treks into the Brazilian Amazon Basin. There are plenty of day trips to the surrounding area as well as longer trips up river. The city itself grew from the rubber boom of 1896 and is bustling with fun food and flea markets.

Amazon theatre Manaus Brazil

An evening at the Opera

Manaus is also famous for its stunning salmon-colored opera house, Teatro Amazonas, which is a place to be admired for its nighttime performances, as well as its glorious interiors. Manaus offers plenty of entertainment including free evening concerts held at cafes adjoining the opera house.

Meeting of the Waters

At the port in Manaus, you will find boats carrying Amazonians up and down the river going about their daily life. This is the place where you can take an excursion to the Meeting of the Waters, which is the meeting point of the dark waters of Rio Negro with the yellow sand-colored waters of Rio Solimoes. This is truly a sight to behold and could well be the beginning of your adventure in the Amazon.

Lake Janauari Ecological Park

Just outside of Manus this park sits on 9,000 acres of rainforest. It is best known for its beautiful wildflowers especially the Victoria -Nymphaeaceae water lily. Access to this park is by boat along the Rio Negro river, one of the two major rivers that comes together to form the Amazon. The boat continues on to the Meeting of the Waters where the Rio Negro joins up with the Rio Solimoes to form the Amazon River. The two rivers run side by side for 6 km. One is light and muddy and the other dark and clear. The overall effect is quite spectacular.

Adolpho Botanical Garden

This botanical garden is huge with over 100 sq. km. There are several trails to enjoy. Tour guides will be happy to tell you about the plants that grow in the rainforest. There is also a library for private study of the forest as well as a restaurant.

Peruvian Amazon Basin

The Amazon River in Peru offers travel from the city of Pucallpa to the Brazilian border. Or, float to the only city not accessible by road, Iquitos. Take a river tour up the Tambopata River where the rainforest joins the Andes Mountains. There are several tours that combine hiking and kayaking as well as overnight stays in lodges nestled in the rainforest. Climb trees to experience life in the canopy or look for caiman under the light of the moon. Walk along a rope bridge, fish for piranhas or enjoy a trip on a zip line.

Tambopata Reserve and Bahuaja-Sonene National Park

These parks contain over 700 types of birds, 1200 butterfly species, 120 varieties of reptiles and 90 mammalian species. Our tour agents can set up visits to all areas of these parks including the waterfalls and ponds or the clay licks where birds like macaws and parakeets gather and peccaries and tapirs come to dine. Visitors will stay in the very comfortable Wasai Tambopata Jungle Lodge and Research Center.
Amazon exotic animals Brazil, florest butterfly

Amazon Basin of Ecuador

The Ecuadorian rainforest covers 40% of the country. Eco-tours along the waterways are designed to maintain the balance with nature. There are many eco-lodges in the area that provide comfortable accommodations. La Sevla lodge is known for its butterfly farm where well over 20,000 butterflies are raised yearly. The Napo Wildlife Center works with the community to maintain and protect the preserve.  Guides in this park will cater their tours to your expectations. There are also night walks, canoe rides and boardwalks through the swamplands.

We offer several different Eco-tours to the Amazon Basin in either Brazil, Ecuador or Peru.  Each tour is led by an experienced guide and focuses its efforts on sharing the wonder of the river and its denizens. Tour guides are especially careful so no damage will be done to the waterways or the forests.

Main Attractions of the Amazon from Manaus

It is strange how the two words, Amazon and amazing sound so much alike. The State of Amazonas is truly amazing, which is what makes it a popular tourist attraction. State of Amazonas is the largest state in Brazil originated from the legendary Amazonian warrior women tribe. This state offers an amazing array of natural and manmade attractions. From the magnificent Amazon forests and the gigantic network of rivers to the manmade architectural treasure, Amazonas is definitely a paradise that combines the best of nature and man. There are various cultural attractions as well like the Folk Festival of the Boi-Bumbás of Parintins, and the Amazonas Opera Festival which showcases the inherent lively and musical spirit of the people. Listed below are some of the attractions that Amazonas has to offer.

Amazon Forest – A tropical paradise

First is the legendary Amazon Forest. It is the largest tropical rainforest and a World Heritage Site, which leaves tourists spellbound in every sense. The diversity of the flora and fauna is sure to dazzle your senses. The forest houses 250 species of animals, 2000 species of fish and 1000 species of birds. It is also home to aboriginal tribes. You can view the wildlife, visit aboriginal dwellings, take sunrise tours, and moonlight treks where you can even handle alligators, learn the medicinal secrets of the tribes, and eat exotic fruits and much more. Experiencing the Amazon Forest is the perfect way to rejuvenate your spirit.

Amazon River

The Amazon River is the world’s largest river which flows for 4,007 miles. It stretches from the top of the Peruvian Andean Mountains into the Atlantic Ocean. You would be lucky to spot the rare pink dolphin and a variety of fish species that are found here. The Meeting of the Waters is a popular attraction here. It is a natural phenomenon where the dark waters of the Rio Negro and the clay waters of the Rio Solimoes join to form the Amazon River. It is truly a remarkable sight as the dark clearer water of the Rio Negro runs with the muddy waters of the Rio Soliomes. You can witness this natural spectacle at a structure in Manaus.

More About the City of Manaus

The city of Manaus is perfectly nestled in the forest but has all the amenities of a modern city. Manaus is the perfect fusion between man and nature. The city offers exotic hotels and resorts, a modern airport, a convention center for business events, and state-of-the-art technology. It is the base from which you can travel to the various attractions of the Amazon. The Anavilhanas Archipelago is the world’s largest fresh water island that offers some of the best forests and a diversity of wildlife. The Rio Negro is named for its dark waters and is the largest tributary on the left of the Amazon River. In the rainy season several lagoons, cataracts, rapids and whirlpools are formed while in the dry season magnificent beaches are formed along the river which are perfect for swimming, sunbathing and other beach activities. Teatro Amazonas is one of the most important and striking buildings in the Amazon. It was created as a tribute to the wealth amassed during the rubber boom. The architecture is spectacular with every corner of the building laced with intricate work.

Other attractions include the Ponta Negra Beach, Lago Janauari Ecological Park, Adolpho Ducke Botanical Garden, Presidente Figueiredo, Municipal Park of Mindu, Manaus CIGS Zoo, Centro Cutural Palacio Rio Negro and the Boi-Bumbas of Parintins Festival. So take your time and plan your visit well as each of these attractions is well worth the visit as they truly represent the rich beauty and spirit of the Amazon.