Move To The Rhythm Of Centro’s Beat!

Teaser: Centro will show you how to dine, splurge and live it up in the very heart of Rio de Janeiro!

Rio de Janeiro’s downtown district more popular as Centro, is tourist friendly and forms the ethos of this Brazilian metropolis. It is the oldest neighborhood and prominent as the founding place of the city. Centro is also the administrative and commercial hub where colonial style architecture blends poetically into modern skyscrapers.

Centro is a place of historic and cultural appeal with the city’s notable landmark churches and museums. Candelaria Church, Muncipal Theatre, Caixa Cultural, Metropolitan Cathedral, Museu Histórico Nacional, etc are at the top of any tourist’s Rio bucket list. All these wonderful landmarks can be part of a unique tour in the Bondinho trolley car that will take you through the Arcos da Carioca, a Roman style bridge built in 1750. This tram gets you a sneak peek of the other Rio neighborhoods as it rattles along.

Rio Scenarium in Rio de Janeiro - downtown places

Centro is also very well known for its exciting nightlife and the central party scene in downtown Rio. Its streets brimming with crowds that fill up live music cafes and bars. Whether you want to party hard or just have a good time with friends over a few drinks, Centro offers the choicest of options with its fabulous nightclubs and lounges. Most places play traditional Brazilian music including forró, samba and choro and most restaurants serve sumptuous local cuisine and drinks. The national drink caipirinha is a favorite.

Shopping is fun in Centro which is packed with shops and boutiques offering good deals for apparel and shoes. For shopaholics Rua Uruguaina, Alfândega and Rua Buenos Aires are must visit streets. Centro has good accommodations suiting every pockets and its central location makes it great for commuting in and around Rio, if you don’t mind the crowds and clamor that is.

Do you hear Centro calling yet?

10 de Oct de 2010