Melody and poetry combine to create the best Carnival Songs

Rio Carnival is an event of global importance, with various samba schools competing for the top honor and classification as Carnival Winner! One of the parameters that judges use is the original Samba song each team must incorporate in their parade.

It was during the 1940s and 1950s that the Samba Schools included specific themes, costumes, floats and songs in their programs. Carnival Songs became popular quickly and the first album that had Samba songs from various schools was launched in 1952.

The Samba song should follow the spirit of the theme of the Sambasschool in the parade. The song is judged by its artistic credentials, so the lyrics and melody must be adapted to the emotion they want to bring to the Sambadrome. It is the only category with subdivisions, where judges score separately the melody and lyrics. The song should flow smoothly, with costumes and floats. The words of the Carival Songs must be poetic, and the whole show must be done perfectly.

Booklets containing the Samba lyrics are freely distributed inside the stadium, and people join the parade singing along with the Samba School.

Preparations begin much earlier, after the theme is selected by the Samba School Board. Synopsis of the subject are distributed among the composers, who began composing music that fits the theme. There is intense competition among composers. After they present their work, managers choose the best song to represent the Samba School theme. All songs from the samba schools are recorded on a disc and sold in record stores, so that all people are familiar with them.

Samba songs talk about national heroes, social issues or important events in the Brazilian and world history.


What is your favorite Carnival Samba?


03 de Nov de 2014