Ivete Sangalo: theme of Grande Rio in 2017

And the party will resume again. Who said that? Grande Rio.

The samba school didn’t do a very praised presentation but somehow managed to finish the competition in a higher position than expected. To put this year behind them, they have already announced what theme will be developed in 2017.  This year  the school failed to take to Sapucaí soccer star Neymar and wanted to appeal to an unquestionable celebrity. The answer? Ivete Sangalo.

Last weekend, the school threw a party and presented the singer to their community. Now it is official. Next year Grande Rio will present “Today is Ivete`s Day”. The place was crowded and even the patron of the school didn’t resist and played crazy fan for a moment kissing Sangalo’s feet.

So far all we know is: Sangalo will be the theme. Our assessment can only be fair once we have a synopsis in hand, what will take still a couple of months, probably. Then we will be able to understand how Grande Rio’s carnavalesco (more or less the role of a director on a feature film) will develop the story.

18 de Mar de 2016