Ilha Grande: An Amazing Island Destination

You should definitely visit Ilha Grande if you like to see beautiful beaches.

General info about Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande is a marvelous island 150km from Rio and 450km from Sao Paulo. Ilha Grande offers amazing island beach appeal and has a very strong support from locals and tourists from many parts of the globe. To reach Ilha Grande, you need to ride a ferry. Ilha Grande has a town known as Vila Abrao and is where most of the hotels and other facilities can be found in the island. You should be aware that there are no banks and ATM machines and most do not accept credit cards so bring some cash with you before you go to Ilha Grande.

Accommodations in Ilha Grande

There are fun locations to rest and relax in Ilha Grande. Hostels and hotels are very popular here and they usually are on the Vila Abraao main street. You should make bookings for the rooms early if you are going there during holidays since the rooms can get filled very easily. There are also some good youth hostels and they have great view of the natural beauty of Ilha Grande. The prices on hotels range from cheap to not so cheap, so budget your money and choose a hotel that is most practical for your needs. Some good hotel options here are So Natureza, Naturalia and Sagu Mini Resort.

Activities in Ilha Grande

There are many things you can do at Ilha Grande and you should really take the time to visit the area, go to the old prison where the most dangerous criminals of Brazil were once imprisoned. Check out the beauty of Lopes Mendes Beach in Ilha Grande which is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. You can also go camping, hiking and trekking on specific area of the island, you can explore surfing, diving, snorkeling and swimming by the beach. Lastly, do not forget to try their food and beverages. Seafood is undeniably their specialty.

26 de Jan de 2015