How to Participate in the Carnaval 2014 Rio Parade

If you want to experience the Carnaval 2014 Rio Parade in all its glory, there’s no better way than to actually participate in it.

Participating in the greatest show on earth is truly the experience of a lifetime and it may be far simpler than you imagine.

What you require

All you require is to choose which samba school you’d like to parade with and which wing of the parade you’d like to be in. Each wing has its own costume and you can browse through these online, choose the one that catches your fancy and order it your size. Then you simply have to show up at the parade venue on the appointed day. Remember that the Carnaval 2014 Rio parade samba schools will close their costume order bookings around December 2013.

Before the parade

You will receive, along with your booking, a copy of the samba school theme song of Carnaval 2014 that you have decided to parade with, so you can be prepared to sing along at the show. You don’t even have to attend any rehearsals. Simply show up at the school’s meeting point (which will be informed to you) around 2 hours before the scheduled parading time of your school. Some packages even arrange a pick up and drop to the Sambadrome.


During the parade

You will be briefed about what to do during the parade when you arrive at the warming up or ‘concentracao’ area, but you mainly require to follow the others in your wing. While you are there to have fun, remember that what you do will also reflect on the school’s final score, so make sure you conduct yourself appropriately. Other than that, just enjoy yourself! If your school is among the top 6 winners you can participate again in the Carnaval 2014 Rio Champions’ Parade.

Will you be part of the Carnaval 2014 Rio Parade now that you know how simple it is?

Stay tuned for Rio Carnival.

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24 de Oct de 2013
  1. Hello,
    I know that it is a stupid question and I am making a fool of myself asking, but I need to try… how to win tickets for the Carnival in Salvador?? I am a dancer from Poland and my dream is to take part/see the Carnival. I know that dreams can come true, so is there any posiibility to win, take part in some competition or anything?? Thank you for any answear. Izabela Towalewska

    IZABELA7 years atrásResponder
    • Hi Izabela,
      Thank you for your comment. We only have tickets for Rio de Janeiro Carnival and unfortunately we cannot help you with Salvador tickets for Carnaval.
      If by any chance you decide to attend Rio Carnival, you can book your tickets at:
      At the moment we have no competition or anything like it to win tickets but we do have a promo going on. I hope it suits your budget.
      Kind regards,

      Fabi Silva7 years atrásResponder
  2. Do you think you will be better prepared if you join a samba school and arrive 3 or 2 days early to make sure you know the routine? I’m currently interested in carnaval 2015 in Rio de Janeiro.

    Briana7 years atrásResponder
    • Hi Briana,
      To be part of a samba parade, you just need to purchase a costume. It’s not necessary to attend the rehearsals and know the routines. It is basically, dance as you like but most important is to pay attention to the organizers and stay in line. If you can, know the lyrics is a plus. We from Bookers provide the lyrics and the song so you can practice and enjoy yourself!
      Costumes for 2015 were released today:

      Let us know if you need more help.
      Regards, Fabi

      Fabi Silva7 years atrásResponder