Great Value tickets – Sambadrome 2014

Make sure that you don’t pay too much for tickets Sambadrome 2014  by reading these points.

Everyone wants to get value for money and this is especially true for Carnival tickets. Sambadrome 2014 will host some of the biggest and most stunning Carnival parades during the Rio Carnival and as always tickets will go quickly. Many people don’t realise just how fast these tickets are snapped up. They assume that just because the Sambadrome has such a massive capacity they will be able to wait until the last minute to make their purchase.

Check the seating areas for the most suitable

If you are looking for great value tickets – Sambadrome 2014 could have just what you are looking for, but you will need to do your homework first. People who have never been to the Sambadrome before will need to take a look at the layout and see where the various seating areas are. While there is seating down both sides of the stadium each side is split into different sectors. All of these offer different views and of course, come at different prices. Think about your budget and your individual needs when it comes to choosing the seats that are right for you.


Don’t pay more than you have to

It is also important, when you are planning to get to the Sambadrome that you don’t pay too much for your tickets. Sambadrome 2014 is bound to be really popular, as it is every year, but you can avoid high ticket prices by booking early. As the time when the Carnival starts draws closer you will notice that a lot of online vendors sell out of tickets and those that are left are very expensive. Stay smart and book your tickets as early as you can.

Its samba time!

Now that you know when you should be buying your tickets you will be eagerly awaiting the start of the Carnival. Samba is such an amazing dance and once you are there you will be swept up in the sea of fantastic music and throbbing rhythms.

After reading this aren’t you desperate to get your tickets Sambadrome 2014 isn’t too far away?

11 de Jan de 2014
  1. Hello,
    I have lived in Rio for over 10 years and attended Carnival every year in Sector 9 arquibancadas Fila AA.
    I want to book 2 tickets with you for O desfile das escolas campeas on March 08. But I want to be 100% SURE that I will be in Fila AA.
    Can you please help me?
    I can pay immediately
    Kind regards
    Chantal D`Hondt

    • Hi Chantal,
      Thank you for your comment. Please send an email to our agents at [email protected]. We will be pleased to help you.
      Kind regards, Fabi Silva

      Fabi Silva7 years atrásResponder
  2. hi, im max from buenos aires. I need to know if there tickets promotions to get to the sambodrome in rio. I heard that, for example, there is a discount of 20% in tickets for sunday 3rd 2014. are there more discounts for the 4 days carnival. Thanks

    masi7 years atrásResponder
  3. request two tickets for carnival Rio for 3rd March preferably section 7 to coordinate with William Steel who has booked tickest with you