Great hotel accommodations in Buzios

Getting to Buzios is one thing but staying is another so finding the right hotel is very important.

When Bridgette Bardot came to Buzios forma vacation in the 60’s this Peninsula flourished to becoming one of the hottest vacation spots in Brazil. Just 2 hours from Rio de Janeiro, Buzios offers amazing beaches, a thriving night life, ecological diversity, and just an amazing atmosphere away from all the hustle and bustle of city living. With over a hundred of Buzios hotels, you will surely love the offerings that Buzios can give to you as a tourist. Hotels in Buzios offer high class,warm and customized services. During off season, you will certainly love the amazing activities and of course the comforts of the Buzios hotels.


Buzios is a very big peninsula and with more than 20 beaches around the shores, you will certainly expect that Hotel in Buzios will surely be available as well as real estates and rental homes for your comfort. If you are seeking customized and worry-free experience, there are also pousadas that are available for a homier, relaxed appeal. If you are seeking that unique island luxury experience, then there are also thematic hotel in Buzios that will cater to your needs. Having a dwelling while in Buzios is very important to maximize the amazing beauty of the peninsula. There are so many locations around Buzios for romantic getaways and active water sports or even just plain relaxation. Buzios hotels are meant to be your temporary haven while experiencing the impeccable beauty of this thriving city. You will certainly find yourself having so much fun, experiencing the beauty of life and building personal memories around this exotic location. Many beaches around Buzios still have that natural appeal though some may be more on the commercial side. No matter what your options are, Buzios hotels are there just to keep you safe and secure.

26 de Aug de 2010