Grande Rio: Opulence And Vigor

When it comes to grand, no other school can top Grande Rio.

Sometimes when things get over the top, one detail can be missed. In the pursuit for perfection and true to the word carnival goodness, Grande Rio samba school whips up some of the most amazing floats and the grandest costumes but nothing can truly miss out on the amazing dancing moves this notable school presents each year for the parade. When they set foot and dance, the world looks at them with excitement as the dancers execute their routines with finesse and vigor.

The Grande Rio samba school was formed in 1988 which in comparison to other schools is fairly young. It may be young but the people of Duque de Caxias quickly turned their carnival street group to a fully registered school and in 1989, it was placed on the 1st group and won 2nd place in the parade. After just one year, the Grande Rio samba school was elevated to the special group status but was moved back down for poor performance. By 1992 the Grande Rio samba school has regained its status once again and has never since moved back down. In 2006 it has tied into 1st place but failed to win it.

Grande Rio Samba school, Rio Carnival Brazil

The Grande Rio samba school use green, white and red as their colors and they are very zealous and competitive to achieve a great performing status to snag that championship crown for real. The Grande Rio 2011 focuses on children and they have created their youth samba school named Children of Grande Rio 2011that is dedicated to honing the artistic and cultural knowledge of the children. The passion of the men and women of Duque de Caxias is undeniable and really strong. You will certainly see more of them in the coming years as a very competitive and amazing contender in the parade.

12 de Oct de 2010