General Information About Your Sambodromo Ticket For The 2014 Carnival

For some awesome views of the world’s most famous Carnival Parade, book your Sambodromo tickets at the earliest possible!

For all the events at Sambodromo, you need to have most wanted Samba Parade tickets. First of all, you have to decide which sector to get tickets for and whether you want front boxes, allocated chairs or you would prefer staying in the grandstands. When you pay a little more for the best ticket, you get the best views.  If you can afford to, book your space in the open boxes at the front as they provide comfortable spacing and seating along with better views. You will find allotted numbering on Sectors 12 and 13, and also find numbered seats at Grandstands Sector 9. All other grandstand seats are unnumbered and free to be occupied by spectators. Please note that none of grandstands offer an actual seat, what you will find in a space to seat at cement bleachers.

Different schools perform on different days, the 2 crucial nights being Sunday and Monday, which have similar set up. Every day’s shows are different and you need a different Sambodromo ticket for each day. In 2014, Mangueira Samba School will hold its march on Sunday, so the Sambodromo ticket is going to be much in demand for that particular day. Twelve samba schools march over the 2 nights; 6 schools performing per night.


Some things you need to know about tickets: You will have to pay full price if your child is above 5 years of age. Children under 5 years are not allowed inside. The Sambodromo ticket prices are unregulated, with brokers and middlemen charging more. This explains the different pricing offered by travel agencies and websites.

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Sambodromo ticket has 3 parts, one will be taken off at the main entrance and another small one at the sector entrance. The other one is bigger and you have to wear around your neck to get in and out of your sector. Once you enter the Sambodromo, you can walk around but note you will only be allowed inside the Sector you have tickets for.

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11 de Feb de 2014