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Going to an exotic nature adventure does not mean taking a backpack and jumping into the waves. You need to be aware of the various details to ensure that your vacation or your nature trip will be fruitful and pleasantly memorable. One of the best places to visit for its natural beauty is Iguazu Falls. This massive waterfall is the 2nd largest one in the world. The massive falls stretch with 275 individual falls varying in number depending on season. The maximum stretch of the falls is 1.67 miles which is pretty massive for a water body. If you are in for Iguazu falls package, it would be best to understand first the topography of the location and what you are in search for. If you are in search of an up-close and personal encounter with the massive falls, the Argentinean side will provide that spiritual appeal. If you are in for adventure and much diverse view of the falls, the Iguazu falls package you should go for would be a Brazilian one. Depending on what you wish to bank on, go for the country which appeals to you most.

Estacion Cataratas in Foz do Iguazu Argentina

You can select now the Iguazu falls package online. For those who seek fun and exciting adventures. Normally, the package would consist of hotel accommodations. One of the most popular hotels is Das Cataratas hotel which is found inside the Iguazu National Park and the only one of its kind. There are 2 nights’ packages which should be best to experience the beauty of the falls in various angles. You can head to a little hiking first across the National Park to see the flora and fauna of the locality. You will then head to a boat and you will go across the river and get up-close and personal with the falls from below. That is one Iguazu falls package you should not miss out on. Another one, unique to the Brazil side is the helicopter ride to get an aerial view of the falls. You will certainly fall in love with the fantastic beauty of the falls.

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