The Fun And Flair Of The Rio Carnaval

Partying like the Brazilians is a tough act to best! So it would be best to join them instead!

No one knows the real meaning of the word party than the Brazillians. Annually, in Mid February, before the start of the Christian Lenten season, the while of Brazil prepares for the much awaited Carnaval de Rio de Janeiro. The intense celebration lasts for 4 days with a lot of parties, street dancing and of course, the grandest street parade and competition ever. The appeal of Carnaval de Rio de Janeiro is not limited to the country. Every year, Carnaval de Rio de Janeiro creates a huge buzz for international tourism. Rio de Janeiro carnaval is not just about dancing men and women or food and parties. It is a celebration of camaraderie and friendships, and it is a fun learning experience for those who want to set a great shindig!

The preparation for Carnaval de Rio de Janeiro starts months before the event itself. From rich cities to poor slum areas, everyone has a chance to become the highlight of the show. Grand floats of intense beauty and artistry are created to represent the magnificent opulence of this festivity. Of course the Rio de Janeiro carnaval would not be one without the dancing. Samba is the most iconic dance and fully costumed men and women train hard to take part of the celebration.

Carnaval de Rio de Janeiro is not just about mere dancing. It has been embedded in the traditions of the Brazilians for centuries already and in the modern times; the world beholds the impeccable artistry and passion that the Brazilians give for this amazing event.  From the sensual Samba to the decadent festivities before lent, Rio de Janeiro carnaval is undoubtedly the most magnificent party in the world. Make a visit and experience the vibrant energy of this amazing celebration of life and order your tickets way before the event, we sell it like hot pancakes! Come and enjoy!

25 de Jul de 2011