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Iguazu falls is the premier attraction of the Parana State in Brazil. This is an amazing, pristine, impeccable location to behold. The Iguazu falls is bordered by the countries of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. This is a massive collection of 275 discreet waterfalls and water curtains that compete with those of Victoria Falls. This impeccable location is teeming with touristy delights that certainly attract a lot of tourists all over the world. Of course, this massive waterfall series cannot be visited in just one day. It would be a waste to leave early so there are Iguazu hotels located around the key centers of the bordering countries.

The various hotels in Iguazu Falls are located in various locations near the attraction.  There you’ll find plenty of options for high quality hotels. Foz do Iguacu is the epicenter of this state and the tourist hub for those who wish to visit Iguazu falls. Iguazu hotels are teeming with great room offers from basic to luxurious. There are resort hotels near the airport offering high quality rooms a standard room in a hotel in Iguazu Falls would consist of a bathroom, air conditioning and heating, satellite or cable television, safe, lounge and special devices and conveniences for those with disabilities.

The Cataratas Hotel in Iguazu

Iguazu hotels in the more expensive range like Hotel das Cataratas are in an amazing advantage being the only hotel to be found inside the Brazilian National park. You will love the additional appeal of high end restaurants, hotel commissioned tours, sports complexes and an alluring view of the magnificent waterfalls. The hotel in Iguazu Falls,  expensive or cheap will certainly keep you comfortable. You should certainly bank on a good hotel to stay in since the sheer beauty and magnificence of this natural wonder will surely tire you because of the visual feast it can provide you.

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20 de Oct de 2010