The Esturion Hotel in Puerto Iguazu

A closer look at the Esturion located in Puerto Iguazu.

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Esturion hotel and lodge, Puerto Iguazu provides its guests with a comfortable and utterly warm stay. The hotel is located near the famous Iguazu falls so the visitors of the falls receive a double treat when they step into the hotel. It is located at Avenida Tres frontier with views of the Iguazu river. The Yacutinga jubgle is nearby is an exotic palce to visit. It’s a bird sanctuary located near the river and surrounded by sub tropical rainforests filled to the brim with the richness of flora and fauna. The hotel is a boon to the jungle lovers. Also it is near the San Ignacio, a world heritage site.

Apart from the spectacular location, the four starrer features many amenities like massage centre, fitness centre, banquet facilities, tennis court for sport lovers, a restaurant, swimming pool and a sauna. The rooms are smart and chic with all the requisites to make you comfortable. They are fully air conditioned and have a mini bar, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, hair dryer, safe, television for your entertainment and a kitchenette. The beddings are pretty comfortable and really ensure that you get a good night’s rest in them. The housekeeping is very prompt and does its work pretty efficiently. The staff is very congenial and very warm. The hotel has a high standard of cleanliness. All in all, you not only feel comfortable but end up feeling really special in the rooms.

The pool is amazingly crystal clear. The design of the entire hotel has a Hawaiian feel to it. The design is very earthy with beige used quite often. The environment is extremely soothing and the prices pretty reasonable. The hotel in all makes you feel like visiting it again and again. Considering security is of topmost priority, alert security is employed and steps are taken for emergency.

The restaurants have a soothing ambience. They have a blend of Mexican flavor with the shades of yellow and golden greatly used. The wooden chairs and tables draped in white adds to the feel of warmth and subtlety. They serve some exotic Argentine dishes.

The Esturion Hotel in Puerto Iguazu

The reception is open 24 hours to cater to your needs. You are not given any reason to complain.  Esturion hotel is the right place to be to explore the charming town.

Availability of rooms and their prices can be checked using the internet and bookings be done using the same.

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16 de Nov de 2010