Enjoying Rio Mardi Gras

Ever wonder what they do during mardi gras in Rio? Find out!

Do you celebrate fat Tuesdays? Do you like to do all the stuff you like, eat the things you want, party like there is no tomorrow and enjoy the day and night partying around? Nothing compares to the Rio mardi gras. All other mardi Gras are just playing grounds compared to the festivities the lead to the 1st day of lent. One of the most awaited celebrations in Rio is the Rio carnival. It is an amazing celebration full of dancing, merry making, celebrating as well as partying around. Rio becomes the official party capital of the world with over half a million tourists visiting on the Rio carnival dates. Nothing beats the Rio mardi gras. When it comes to celebration, they know how to celebrate with a real bang.

As Rio mardi gras can be a bit overwhelming for someone who has not experienced it as yet, the Rio carnival dates are usually the 4 days the lead to Ash Wednesday. Within the 4 days of partying and parades, amazing celebrations are done as part of the traditional and contemporary Carnival tradition. The parades are the biggest things in Brazil during the Rio mardi gras and the various Samba schools create the most amazing floats that are bigger than life. They also mastered the art of Samba dancing with the beat of the drums that are thundering across the Sambadrome, the official location for the biggest competition.

Rio de Janeiro Carnival - Mardi Gras Brazil

If you are looking for a great mardi gras escape for next year, be sure to check the Rio mardi gras. You will love how everything falls together into a perfect combination. The Rio carnival dates for next year will be March 5 to March 8 so mark your calendars, prepare for your long vacation, get your tickets and have the most amazing mardi gras, together will millions of people from all around the world dancing to the beat of Samba.

Let’s start planning your trip to Rio’s Mardi Gras?

25 de Oct de 2010
  1. I am amazed at the beauty and professionalisms of Brazilians . I am amazed that they even believe in God and the bible. May God bless Brazil and Brazilians. Nike Newton.

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