Costumes: the beauty and glow that rule the Carnival in Rio

Every year the Schools of Samba create a special plot to tell a story during its parade. The themes are diverse and can be inspired by a place, a celebrity, an event, a historical character, or even be a funny critic based on our daily routine. To communicate the story, each School is divided into wards by different costumes so it can be highlighted and better seen by the audience and the jury.
When it comes to costumes you can expect all kinds of pieces: shoes, socks, shorts, bras, hasts, bathing suit. For its importance, costume is one of the judged itens of the parade.

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Foto: Ramon Moreira | Bookers International

The jury is instructed to evaluate originality, conception and creativity of the costumes in each section. Considering how they help to communicate the plot, the distribution of colors and materials used in the confection, if they were well sewn and the props attached to it. Every single costume has a function, but some of them are highlighted. It is the case of the Front Commission, Master Room and Standard Bearer, the Battery and the Wing of Baianas. There also some special costumes for those who are on the top of the floats. These people wear luxurious costumes with much more details designed on it.


Some wards are exclusive but if you want to try and be part of the most beautiful Carnival parade of all, there are some areas where you could go! The thrill of being in the Sapucaí is indescribable. So pick the School that you lik better or ust consider the schedule of each presentation. Usually the requests to be on the parade go from november till december. After this date, the ateliers cannot accept more requests because they have a lot of work to do creating all the costumes according to the measure of each participant.

After picking your School, pick your glamurous costume! The pick-up is at the Central of Attendance at the Hotel Atlântico, in the Siqueira Campos street, 90, at Copacabana. The date for picking up costumes of the Access Group is on february 24th and 25th, from 10am to 5pm. And for the Especial Group on february 25th and 26th, in the same schedule.


Foto: Ramon Moreira | Bookers International


For more information of how to get your costume:

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