The Costao do Santinho Hotel in Florianopolis

A closer look at the Costao do Santinho Hotel located in Florianopolis.

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Costao do Santinho hotels is a part of the Costao do Santinho resorts. It is one of the best places to stay in Florianopolis.

The accommodations are of the type ‘junior suite’, ‘luxury suite’, master suite’ and ‘imperial suite’. Junior suite has one bedroom with one bathroom and a hydro massage unit. It has central air conditioning to make you comfortable. You get a fitted cupboard to store your things, a fridge bar. Then you have cable television, piped music for entertainment. The balcony has wonderful sea view. To take care of your cash an valuables, you are provided with safety deposit box.

Luxury suite has one bedroom, one bathroom, living room. Then you have kitchen with microwave cooker and sink. Central air‐conditioning for your comfort. Fitted cupboard, cable television, piped music. Balcony with sea view and again a safety deposit box.

Master suite has one bedroom with bathroom and hydro massage unit. There is a living room, kitchen and microwave and cooker. You have central air conditioning, a fitted cupboard, fridge bar. For fun you may switch on the television or listen to music. Balcony with sea view. For safety of cash and valuables, you have the safety deposit box.

The imperial suite has two bedrooms, a hydro massage unit, living room, a fully fitted kitchen. There is central air conditioning for comfort. Then you also have a fitted cupboard, fridge bar, cable television,piped music. This too has balcony with sea view and safety deposit box.


Florianopolis Costao de Santinho Brazil


Each room is served by well trained, highly efficient staff who are always ready to cater to your needs with a smile. Keeping your safety in mind, alert security is employed. Also we have smoke detection and medical facilities for every room. You even get wireless internet facilities on request. So as you can see, Costao do Santinho hotels has maintained the rustic charm and yet taken care of modern demands. The crystal clear water all around, this place located in the extreme north of the island, amidst the Atlantic forest, rocky coastline and dunes preserved within a private reserve; makes it idyllic for a quiet, fun vacation. It is rightly considered one of the most “complete” resorts of the south and the most comprehensive of Brazil. the faultless service, international standards, nightclub, bars, restaurants make sure you have nothing to complain about. There is also an archaeological museum with inscriptions more than 5000 years old.

Availability of rooms can be conveniently checked using the internet and bookings be done using the same. This perfect place to be has been vouched by visitors who have stayed before to one and all.

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11 de Nov de 2010