Costa do Sauipe: A massive complex of pure pleasure

It is a sensory experience being in Costa do Sauipe

General info about Costa do Sauipe

A place where coconuts grow aplenty, where land meets the sea in white sandy beaches: Costa do Sauipe exudes elegance, beauty and brilliance in a massive complex found in Bahia. A place where the modernity of the time; harnesses the awesome beauty of nature. It is a place where a balance between nature and commercialism goes beyond structures and beaches. Costa do Sauipe is a place to experience and with more than a dozen things to do, see, hear, feel and taste, Costa do Sauipe is the place to go if you want an exclusive, fun experience that you would not want to stop enjoying it.

Accommodations in Costa do Sauipe


The accommodations in Costa do Sauipe are diverse. There are high-rise hotels with luxurious amenities and fantastic suits to make you feel classy while relaxed. If you want a more relaxed and casual feeling posadas in various themes and designs will surely make you feel energized and ready to explore the beauty of Costa do Sauipe. Make your reservations as early as possible since you do not want to lose your spot in any of the great hotels at Costa do Sauipe. You will certainly find amazing options for your hotel experience here. You can certainly find a quiet recluse in Sauipe Class, Sauipe Premium and Sauipe Pousadas.

Activities in Costa do Sauipe

It is a sensory explosion in Costa do Sauipe. You should check out Vila Nova da Praia which is a Bahia village filled with shops, restaurants, bars and many other areas of recreation. You should also go for an Eco tour and marvel at the natural beauty of Bahia. You should also explore the entirety of Costa do Sauipe. It is a massive complex and there are many things you can do like play water sports, watch or even learn Capoeira and enjoy a fun day relaxing and probably meeting new people and acquaintances. It is a peaceful place to relax your mind.

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