Boipeba: Two Worlds In One Island

Sea life is thriving in Boipeba and you will love the diverse variety of sea creatures that live in the area as well as some birds and other animals that live on the various land features.

Exploring Curitiba

There are so many things to see in Curitiba you should stop over to see the great sights and some architectural feats

General info about Curitiba

There is nothing more amazing than to experience the beauty of nature in Parana State in Brazil. The popular Iguazu Falls is there. However, you should never miss out on the beauty of the other locations around Brazil though its natural wonders are undeniably the most unique and diverse in the world, its cities and towns exemplify a unique charm to travelers as well. Curitiba is the biggest city and the capital of the Parana state. It is your stopover before heading to Iguazu Falls. This is a great place to shop, do some sightseeing, stocking up on supplies and generally everything you need to do in a city. It has a lot of things to offer so a day or two here would be really great.

Curitiba Parana Brazil

Accommodations in Curitiba

There are hotels that can be found on key transportation centers in Curitiba. There are budget hotels by the bus station and the old railroad area. There are mid-range hotels that can be found inside the city and there are also luxurious hotels that you can go to for a more luxurious relaxation. However, since you will be out most of the day, why not go for mid-range to budget hotels to save up on your spending money? There are some hotels that require making reservations before coming in. There are hotels that are more lenient in that aspect. Check out Deville Express for economy class. Deville Curitiba is the deluxe offering. Bourbon Curitiba and Pestana Curitiba are other options for premium options.

Activities in Curitiba

Here in Curitiba, you will love the marvelous infrastructures across the city. Go to the grand botanical garden that is filled with fragrant and colorful flowers and ornamentals. You should also go check out iconic landmarks. You should check out the urban transit system of this city because it is very organized and really efficient. You should not forget to eat at some fine restaurants or some budget eateries to enjoy local cuisines.

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Wanna spend Carnival in Curitiba?

Maceio: A rich tourist destination

Rich in culture and rich in beauty, Maceio is a rich place for those who seek rich experiences.

General info about Maceio

Northeast Brazil offers a very unique tourist appeal to those who like unique experiences. Every city you go in here is filled with amazing wonders and fantastic visual treats for those who like them. One great place to see in this area is Maceio and is the capital of Alagoas in this Brazilian region. With palm trees, pretty coastal areas, mangroves and a bright green sea, who would not want to experience the beauty that is in Maceio. Aside from that, it has a strong cultural appeal that can be found in its cuisine, arts and crafts. It is definitely a great place to experience something new. From rich customs to rich sights, Maceio has become an international tourism frenzy.

Accommodations in Maceio

To match its tourist appeal, Maceio is filled with fantastic hotels that will surely make you want to come back more often in this marvelous location. You can choose the budget ones if you are not really going to stay that long in Maceio but if you are planning to stay for a longer period, make sure to go to the better quality hotels since part of a good vacation is the place you will reside into while there. There are a number of good high end hotels in Maceio so choose wisely and of course, make arrangements in advance to save your room on the day you need it. Some good options you can bank on are Ponta Verde, Jatiuca Hotel, and Ritz Lagoa da Anta.

Maceio, Alagoas, Brazil - Praia do Frances

Activities in Maceio

The first thing you should do is to bask on the natural beauty of Maceio. It has kilometers of beaches and you will surely stay there for hours just to take pictures and walk around. You will certainly love the urban beaches of Maceio as well as the more uninhibited areas of Maceio. Try body boarding as well as surfing in Maceio. You will also love that it has international food options and fine restaurants. Now you can eat comfort food while on an equally comfortable place.

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Joao Pessoa: History meets paradise

There is nothing more interesting than the city of Joao Pessoa that has a beach with a great story to tell.

General info about Joao Pessoa

Joao Pessoa is a city and is the capital of Paraiba at the northeast coast of Brazil. Undeniably, Joao Pessoa is a majestic paradise and it has a lot to offer in the realm of tourism. It is also one of the oldest cities in Brazil which was dated back to 1585 and by the 1600s it was controlled by the Dutch. Joao Pessoa offers beaches and tourist infrastructures. It is a place that is full of interesting sights simply because the architectural appeal is very unique and it just shows how long it has been since it was established.

Accommodations in Joao Pessoa

There are a number of hotels that you can take advantage of in Joao Pessoa. There are good budget rooms that are found in key locations across Joao Pessoa. Some of them offer fans and TV and some do provide breakfast but others are much cheaper with shared bathrooms as well as no breakfast but they do have bigger rooms. The mid-range hotels are mostly on the Centro area of Joao Pessoa which is a great place. The luxury ones offer the amenities you would expect for higher priced hotels and they do offer great views of the historic city. Make reservations at Tropical Tambau Sup or Tambau flat.

Joao Pessoa, Brazil - beach and history

Activities in Joao Pessoa

Joao Pessoa has amazing urban beaches that stretch far and wide across the bay. The 2 main beaches are Tambao and the continuation which is Cabo Branco. You should also check out the historical and old buildings and the amazing church of Joao Pessoa. You should check out the fine areas to look at the river as well. Many tourists really clamor for the nice architecture and the beautiful beaches. Check them out and you will surely not be disappointed of Joao Pessoa.

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The Fortaleza Hotel Blue Tree Premium Is The Right One For You.

A closer look at the Blue Tree Premium located in Fortaleza. Inspected by our Hotel Expert team. Blue Tree Premium hotel in Fortaleza, Brazil stands tall in the busy part of the city providing an oasis to its guests. The location of Blue Tree Premium hotel has been carefully chosen, with the beach within 5 minutes on foot and the airport ‘Pinto Martins’ within 20 minutes by cab.

Fernando De Noronha Is Brazil’s Best-kept Secret

If you love nature and you are passionate about its beauty, then Fernando de Noronha is your next stop! General info about Fernando de Noronha When the waters of the Amazon, the Orinoco and the South Atlantic meet, they go to a special place where everything feels unique, magnificent and special.

Discovering Canoa Quebrada


A beach village like no other, Canoa Quebrada is a great place to relax, to explore and to have fun

General info about Canoa Quebrada

Canoa Quebrada is a kind of beach village that can be found southeast of Fortaleza at the municipality of Arcati in Canoa. Sometimes, Canoa Quebrada is referred to as the village that is installed on red sandstone cliffs. Before, Canoa Quebrada is a hippie location but with modernization, this place is becoming more and more like a commercial location. Even if Canoa Quebrada is becoming more modern now, the majority of the residents still enjoy the views at Canoa Quebrada and the simple life. The climate is usually sunny and warm in Canoa Quebrada throughout the year.

Accommodations in Canoa Quebrada

Canoa Quebrada, Fortaleza Brazil

Although there are some hotels around Canoa Quebrada, the most used and the most popular are the posadas. The posadas are like hotel dwellings that are complete with all the amenities but is much more quiet than the hotel. Since the posadas are built into clusters across the estate, its location is much more complex than the hotel. Some of the pousadas could be by a massive cliff. Make your reservations early and make sure that you get the right one for your needs. One good option for budget hotel is La Dolce Vita and the deluxe and premium hotels are Tranquilandia and Long Beach Village.

Activities in Canoa Quebrada

In Canoa Quebrada, you can do so many things. First, you can go paragliding, kite surfing, ride a buggy across the Jaguaribe River and have a relaxing cruise by the river; you can also ride a dune buggy across the slopes of the shores of Canoa Quebrada. You can go to the beach and walk along the whole stretch. You should also try the food selections at Canoa Quebrada. There are fancy restaurants here and you can also have a drink at bars. Canoa Quebrada has a fun and simple appeal but a unique experience along the way.

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