Everybody knows that Rio de Janeiro is a famous travel destination. But how about knowing the reasons why to visit the city from the ones who really know it? #ChooseBookers to enjoy the hospitality, joy and unique nature of the cariocas the best way! 1 – THE BEACHES! FEEL CLOSE TO HEAVEN! It’s impossible to […]

Should children go to Carnival?

One of the nicest things about Carnival is the inclusive spirit. Everybody can have fun! It’s not different for children. There is a lot to learn at the party as well. Let your imagination run wild! If the parades can transport adults to new worlds and even dream worlds, imagine how it is for kids! […]

Have you ever thought of a Carnival experience as Christmas gift?

Just imagine. You are exchanging gifts with friends and open yours. Suddenly you are in a Sambadrome grandstand in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Or during your Christmas family gathering, you open your gift and is teletransported there. You have a costume on and it is about to parade yourself amongst other performers in the greatest […]