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Join Rio De Janeiro Carnival 2014

If you love being part of never ending parties that start in the evening and continue way into next morning then Rio de Janeiro Carnaval 2014 is just the place for you.

Sambodromo – Stadium of Samba Parades in Rio de Janeiro

To capture the most electrifying, sizzling and scintillating parades of Rio carnival, you know where to go to – the Sambodromo! Sambodromo Marquez de Sapucai, home of Carnival parades and competitions, was designed by Niemeyer, Brazil’s most famous architect.

Getting the Frisa Seat at the Sambodromo

Not exactly cheap but a great seat to watch the Rio Samba Parade.

If you are wondering what seat to take in order to watch the grand Rio Carnival Sambadrome Parada, The Frisas are just what you might be looking for. Lucky Frisas ticket holders can view the parade in great detail.  Even if you can bank on camarote tickets, considered to be the most prestigious seats on the Rio Sambodromo, consider frisas if you are not dying for a buffet while watching the parade. It's fun and you can see the show with almost nobody in front of you. Frisas hold 6 people and are located at floor level, with restaurants for snacks selling the good fast food stuff at every cement block.

Rio carnival parade front boxes view

Frisa for the carnival Rio is an amazing open box that consists of 6 seats with a small coffee table and is very close to the runway.

The Frisa carnival Rio is available on the odd numbered sectors 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 as well as in the 4th sector. 4 rows are available on each sector so as you can see, it is not really that much of a seat. You need to buy your tickets as early as you can if you want to snag a seat on the Frisa carnival Rio.

Book your frisa seats in advance for the Rio carnival. If they are too pricey for you, consider the tickets on the grandstands for one of the two special days - Sunday Feb 19 or Monday Feb 20 - and give yourself a treat by booking a frisa for the Access League which parades on Saturday Feb 18 at 9 PM. It's less than half of the price of the big days and would give you an opportunity to see a real parade from very close and with the comfort you have always dreamed of.

CarnivalBookers.com still has some tickets available in most of the sectors for the upcoming 2014 Rio carnival sambodromo parade. Check them out.

Affordable Seating Options At Sambadrome: The Grandstands

If you want to be seated in the best sambodrome seats, you better be aware of what they are.

Just like in any other stadiums, the Sambodromo has an organized seating area and the prices you pay for the seats will vary depending on the sector you will go in, the kind of seat you prefer and the proximity to the runway.