Brazilian Carnaval facts

Is this your first trip to the Brazilian Carnaval? If so, read up on some must-know facts about this gigantic party!

The Iconic Rua das Pedras in Buzios

The most iconic paved street in Buzios, this place has got everything you need for a fun vacation.

One of the most iconic and thriving locations in Buzios is Rua das Pedras Buzios. This translates to Stone Street. This is a culmination of culture, food, at music and everything fun, exciting and delightful. Be amazed by the unique experience that you can get just by walking around. The Rua das Pedras Buzios is just 400 meters long but it is teeming with fine restaurants, bars, art galleries, souvenir shops and other stores. It can be easily stated that this street is the center of attraction for those who are seeking non-beach action for a moment. One of the more iconic things you can find by Rua das Pedras Buzios is the sculpture of the iconic Bridgette Bardot who once walked on these streets. The sculpture of the sitting Bardot binds Rua das Pedras Buzioswith the Ossos beach. The appeal of Rua das Pedras Buzios is really charming, simple yet very energetic and full of class. You can have your friends walk around and at the end of the day you will have more friends from where you started. The place is not just filled with locals but also with an international crowd with the same intention as any other visitor to absorb and be part of this amazing location. Rua das Pedras Buzios is all about the pleasures of life. It is about music with the clubs and bars that are open at night, the posh restaurants that offer amazing local and international dishes, fun fashions, amazing art pieces and many more. Walk across the Rua das Pedras Buzios and you will find yourself having a good conversation with another person. It is advantageous to learn the Portuguese language, even colloquial to make conversation with some good locals. When you get tired of all the walking go to the ocean front and experience the beauty of the waters and the amazing climate. This place is just pure bliss.