All About Rio Carnival 2014

With such nonstop excitement and parties lined up, Rio Carnival 2014 is one party you can’t miss! The Rio Carnival is one of the most creatively artistic events on the planet, setting the highest standards for others to imitate. Rio Carnival 2014 starts on February 28 which falls on a Friday and goes on till Tuesday, March 04th.

The WHEN’s of Rio Carnival in Brazil

Here are some important information regarding Rio Carnival Carnival officially begins on Friday! Carnival in Rio starts days before Ash Wednesday. In the first day of the celebration, street parties, band competitions and parades populate the streets of Rio to welcome everyone. It's the first day of parades at the sambadromo and the Access Group is responsible for the fun.

Join Rio De Janeiro Carnival 2014

If you love being part of never ending parties that start in the evening and continue way into next morning then Rio de Janeiro Carnaval 2014 is just the place for you.

Carnival in Brazil: Spice It Up !

Lots of parades, street parties, and balls are held all over the major cities, including Rio de Janeiro, Salvador- in Bahia - and the twins Recife and Olinda. The official carnival lasts only 4 days, but it can be extended to even a week or two, especially for those who don`t need to start working right after that. So if during this time you already saw everything, there are still so many things you can do besides watching the samba parades. Here are just some of them: 1. Participate in the magic ball at the Copacabana Palace. The magic ball is considered to be the most expected party during the carnival in Rio. This is the only occasion where all the tops in the country will converge and have a great time.