Boipeba: Two Worlds In One Island

Sea life is thriving in Boipeba and you will love the diverse variety of sea creatures that live in the area as well as some birds and other animals that live on the various land features.

The tranquility at Trancoso

Trancoso has become more and more important in the tourism industry

General info about Trancoso

A town in Porto Seguro, Bahia Brazil, Trancoso is shaped like a rectangle so the village retains the original style of its architecture. It has very popular beaches and in recent years they were developed with new hotels which has definitely gave the town a boost in its real estate pricing. There are also some nearby Atlantic forests in Trancoso and these forests are being protected and preserved for the future generations. The culture in Trancoso is also very diverse as in many locations in Brazil due to the massive influx of colonizers in the past centuries and their culture has been affected and elevated to a unique custom.

Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil - Espelho Beach

Accommodations in Trancoso

Hotels can be found on the beaches of Trancoso and they are mostly priced in the expensive bracket. Of course the hotels offer amazing amenities, a fantastic view of the beach and it has added services and other features to the tourists can enjoy their stay in Trancoso more and more. You should check out the French Club Mediterranee which is one of the major hotel resorts and clubs opened to boost the tourism and real estate value of the town. There are some pousadas available and there are probably some other hotel accommodations just outside Trancoso so take your pick of the ones that best suit your taste. How about some luxurious hotel options like Etnia and Estrela D'Agua.

Activities in Trancoso

Trancoso is popular for its sandy beaches and natural poles built when it is low tide with the reefs become visible and create a marvelous barricade to enjoy the fantastic waters. The next area that you should check out is the Quadrado which is the main square of Trancoso that is divided into 4 differently colored houses. There is also a white church that faces the Atlantic Ocean. The Quadrado and the church are protected by the UNESCO.

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Mystery and history all rolled into one package – Salvador Bahia

Get a taste of Europe and Africa the Brazilian way in Salvador de Bahia.

A trip to Brazil will be quite incomplete without a visit to one of its oldest cities, Salvador Bahia. Exotic locations embedded in a rich past with interesting history are what make this city stand out. Despite the rich folklore that this city has, it maintains the perfect balance between modernity and its cultural heritage. Salvador de Bahia is also called the ‘land of happiness’ and as a tourist, there is no better holiday destination that you could ask for. The city has it all, from historical monuments to gorgeous beaches, excellent restaurants and shops and of course some of the wildest parties.

There is plenty to see and do in Salvador de Bahia. How much of it you manage will of course depend on the amount of time that you spend in the city. You can choose a city tour to take you around or if you are feeling a bit more adventurous you can explore the city yourself. Places of interest around the city include the Cathedral known for its intricate decoration and architecture, the Church of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim known for its neoclassical decorations, the baroque decorations on the Convent and Church of Sao Francisco and Elevador Lacerda. The market area of the Salvador Bahia, Mercado Modelo is where you will find bars, restaurants and a lot of the arts and crafts of the city.

The Carnival is an event that is definitely not to be missed when you are visiting Brazil and the Salvador de Bahia carnival is known to be not only the best but also the biggest street one that the country has. In fact tourists from all over the world try and visit the city during this time so that can be a part of this wonderful celebration. For most, the Salvador Bahia carnival is a once in a lifetime experience. For accommodation you can take a look at four star properties such as Vila Galé, Sol Victoria Marina, Marazul, Monte Pascoal, Golden Tulip Rio Vermelho or Mercure. Five star hotels include Pestana Bahia, Bahia Othon and Zank Hotel. Look for the best hotel for you in Salvador!


Pelourinho - Salvador Bahia Brazil

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