The superb experience of staying at the Ariau Jungle Towers Hotel in Manaus

Nothing beats the excitement of staying in this amazing and unique hotel in the heart of the Amazon. Inspected by our Hotel Expert team. Ariau Jungle Towers is the ultimate place to be, being the largest eco friendly resort built at tree top level over the mighty Amazon river. Located northwest of Manaus, Brazil; this resort happens to be a diamond amongst the many places offering accommodation. It truly is among the top 1000 places to see in your life.

Manaus-City: A rich city by the river

With some French architecture and some nice natural wonders, sky is the limit to what you can do in Manaus

General info about Manaus

A massive city of around 2.5 million people, Manaus is located by the Rio Negro a few miles before it meets Rio Solimoes that forms the Amazon River Proper. The 2 rivers are side by side and they have different mineral compositions thus providing different colors. According to the legend, the 2 rivers do not mix. The richness of the Amazon has led this city to its economic success and it has led the robber barons of the land to take copies of French Architecture like the Grand Opera de Paris as well as La Halles in Paris. Aside from the architecture, you will really love the beaches, the waterfalls and the national parks of Manaus.

Accommodations in Manaus

Manaus offers a variety of hotel accommodations to adapt to your needs. There are a number of budget hotels offered in Manaus and they are pretty convenient for their price. There are also nice mid-range hotels available who want something in the middle. For those who seek luxury in Manaus, there are some good luxury hotels by the Industrial sector and they are pretty diverse and impeccable. The hotels you choose will be a great determinant of how long you wish to stay in Manaus and the kind of comfort you seek. Some of the more notable hotels are Monaco, Novotel and Tropical Mao Sup.

Manaus, City in the Amazon, Brazil - The river, Eco Park

Activities in Manaus

As for activities, being in the city of Manaus, you will certainly have a lot of things to do. You should check the Teatro Amazonas as well as the Mercado Municipal and the Natural Science Museum. You should also take the time to visit the beaches of Manaus and explore the waterfalls. Jau National Park is also a great place to visit to see some great biodiversity since this is the largest national park in Brazil and the South Americas.

Discovering the Wild Beauty of the Pantanal with Pantanal Lodges


Pantanal lodges and cruises offer you the golden opportunity to experience life and unique flora and fauna in the largest flooded area in the world – the Pantanal.

There are a number of fine Pantanal lodges and fazendas in both North and South Pantanal where you can have a memorable stay and experience the Pantanal way of life. North Pantanal has excellent pousadas such as Araras Lodge, Rio Mutum, Piuval and Jaguar Research Center which provide different kinds of modern facilities and amenities, while maintaining an ecological balance of the area.

Jaguar Research Center is unique, as it is the only lodging within the Meeting of the Rivers State Park. Pantanal lodges in the south too have excellent facilities and give you the chance for some close encounters with nature. Some of the notable ones are Xaraes Pousada, Barranco Alto, Refugio Caiman and Pousada Aguape.

Pantanal lodges typically offer packages which include activities, sight seeing and meals. Some of the activities may include experiencing the life of the Pantanal cowboy, piranha fishing, bird watching tours to spot rare birds like the jabiru stork, kingfishers and hawks, hiking, trekking, canoe tours to spot fauna such as giant otters, monkeys and capybaras, horse back riding, open backed 4 wheel drives for photographic opportunities and night excursions that reveal the amazing nocturnal animals such as caimans and giant ant eaters.

Another option is to try one of the many Pantanal cruises which reveal the glory of the Pantanal from a different perspective, that of the river. Pantanal cruises give you the opportunity to spot monkeys and capybaras on land, as they scamper around and explore the Corixos of the region. There is no better way to observe the marine life and bird life of the Pantanal. You can stop and watch as birds catch their prey or listen to their ruckus. Sometimes the engines are turned off and the boats just cruise along the river silently and stealthily. Pantanal cruises also include short motorboat and canoe tours to explore hard to reach areas and provide nocturnal activities, such as alligator spotting.

Aerial view from of Pantanal

Are you all excited about going about your stay in Pantanal lodges?

The Opportunity of a Lifetime on Amazon Tours


Amazon tours offer you the opportunity to get up close with the largest river and rainforest area in the world –something beyond your wildest imagination.

The mighty Amazon River flows for over 4000 miles, starting in the Peruvian Andes and merging with the great Atlantic Ocean. The eco system and bio diversity it supports is beyond all words and descriptions. No where else on earth will you find such a variety of tree species, over 250 mammal species, 1000 bird species and 2000 different varieties of fish. From rare and unique mammals to reptiles such as alligators, exotic insects to colorful bird species, the Amazon River supports them all. You can enjoy canoe rides through the endless Amazon River to reach hidden islets and indulge in sport fishing for piranhas, do some bird watching or simply observe the unique wildlife, such as different species of monkeys as they swing on branches.

Beside the river are densely forested jungles that will leave you inspired and awed by their beauty, majesty and diversity. You can go on Amazon tours which introduce you to medicinal plants and jungle survival tactics. Amazon tours also allow you to go jungle trekking and visit the houses of indigenous tribes and observe their way of life. You can take part in folkloric night shows or go on night tours to spot nocturnal creatures such as alligators. During these tours, you can marvel at the sunrise when you hear and witness the spectacle of early morning forest life, or snuggle sloth, eat fruits you have never heard of before and get awed by massive, thick foliage.

There are different kinds of Amazon tours and expeditions which try to make the Amazon dreams of travelers a reality. Tours can range from 1 day to several days depending on the activities you wish to cover. You can opt to stay in ecological jungle lodges or take a river cruise to explore the Amazon – no matter what tour you choose; you will have the rare and privileged opportunity to experience the Amazon rainforest.

Amazon River Tours

When are you starting your journey to experience the majestic Amazon River?

Exploring the Amazon with Amazon Cruises and Lodges


Amazon lodges and cruises offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity to live out your ultimate Amazon jungle fantasy.

There are 2 ways to explore the amazing hidden natural treasures of the Amazon and to experience the natural way of life here – by going on Amazon cruises or staying in Amazon lodges. Among Amazon lodges, the Juma Lodge offers good value for money. It is located 100 kilometers(62,13 miles) away from Manaus and is built on stilts facing the calm Juma River. It features 23 comfortable bungalows which have private bathrooms, fans, screened windows and mini bars. The restaurant serves native as well as international cuisine.

The Tiwa Resort is among the 4 star Amazon lodges situated 10 kilometers(6,2 miles) away from Manaus by the shores of the River Negro. The resort is constructed around a natural lake with lush tropical rainforest all around. It features 26 double houses which are built on stilts having a spacious patio, private bathroom and a bedroom cum sitting room. The lodging facilities include a restaurant, swimming pool, water sports center and an amphitheater.

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is situated at a privileged spot, located right in front of the largest river archipelago. The 16 suites have split air conditioning, bathrooms with hot and cold water, box beds, fridge and a porch. There is a deck and pool which overlook the river. The Amazon Clipper Cruise and Amazon Clipper Premium are regional cruise vessels which have cozy private cabins with toilet facilities. In the Amazon Clipper Cruise, there is night time air conditioning, a dining room, library and a sundeck. The Amazon Clipper Premium offers luxurious Amazon cruises with spacious apartments featuring twin beds or queen sized beds, air conditioned rooms, an air conditioned restaurant, room for lectures and meetings, showers with hot tubs and a sun deck for a 360 degree panoramic view. Both of them arrange for boat rides to explore the forests, hiking, fishing, bird watching and visits to local villages.

Lodges in Amazon Brazil

The Iberostar Cruise provides one of the luxury Amazon Cruises with 72 cabins having private bathrooms, private balconies, twin beds, and air conditioning. There are 2 restaurants, 2 pools, and a bar with salon, 4 levels of decks and a conference area. The liner provides entertainment and even dance lessons besides motorboat rides to explore local lakes, igarapes and igapos.


How do you want to discover the Amazon – by going on cruises or staying in Amazon lodges?