Carnival is a great joy but it demands an extra look on your children

Carnival is the happiest time of the year in Rio de Janeiro. Lots of parties, fun and people on the streets. If you wanna be part of this joy and you’re bringing your kids you have to be careful! So we prepared you a couple of tips so you and your Family can have a blast in the city!
In the Sambadrome
The parade has an age rating so kids under 5 years old are not allowed to be in the Sambadrome. The event officials demand the presentation of your children’s id or birth certificate.
But don’t get upset! There is a special presentation dedicated to children on Tuesday night when the aisle of kids of each School of Samba make their show. The event is for free and a great moment to be with your Family!
Children and the crowd
Avoid bringing your newborn baby or small children the parties on the streets. The crowd and loud sound can be annoying for them. There are other activities that you can do with your kids. Like going to the beach, visiting parks and gardens, different types of restaurant, etc. Carnival makes the city even more beautiful, take advantage of it!
But if you still want to bring your kids to the streets’ parties: avoid the big “blocos”, choose those that have special presentation for children so your kid can have fun with lots of play and music according his age! The most famous infant’s blocos are: Banda de Ipanema Infantil in the Praça General Osório, in Ipanema; and the Largo do Machadinho, that happens at Largo do Machado, in Catete. Just in case: don’t forget to get your kid an identification bracelete with his full name and your contact number.



Flickr: Portal PBH

The heat
Summer in Rio is suer hot and most events are open air and during the day, which mean sun will be right on the top of our heads so make sure you and your kids are wearing light clothes and drinking lots of fluids to keep your bodies hydrated – water and natural juice are the best option for it. The use of sunblock and repellent are very important at this time of the year!
Costumes and dangerous games
Be careful about some costumes, toys and games i salso valid! For example, masks can cover nose and mouth making the process of breathing harder. Comfy and light costumes are a better option.



Flickr: Portal PBH

Watch out fo strangers
Talk to your kids about the risks of accepting invitations, objects and food from strangers. Make sure they will talk to you or a policial officer if this happens.

26 de Oct de 2016