Carnival in Brazil: Spice It Up !

Carnival is definitely the best time to go to Brazil. It’s the peak of the summer and the entire country is in party mode.

Lots of parades, street parties, and balls are held all over the major cities, including Rio de Janeiro, Salvador- in Bahia – and the twins Recife and Olinda. The official carnival lasts only 4 days, but it can be extended to even a week or two, especially for those who don`t need to start working right after that. So if during this time you already saw everything, there are still so many things you can do besides watching the samba parades. Here are just some of them: 1. Participate in the magic ball at the Copacabana Palace. The magic ball is considered to be the most expected party during the carnival in Rio. This is the only occasion where all the tops in the country will converge and have a great time.

Add to this the fact that you can dine and mingle with the who’s who at the fabulous Copacabana Palace Hotel. At the party is served what could be the most gorgeous and palatable Brazilian buffet you’ll ever see in your life. The famous hotel salons are transformed into a different world, depending on the theme the designer can come up with. Because of its majesty and its participants, the tickets are very limited, and only a few people can get that. If you want to join, you need to guarantee your entrance as soon as possible. 2. Hit up the theatres. The film industry in Brazil is booming. Any movie lover should never miss the opportunity of checking out one of its many theatres that can show movies in English or Portuguese, which is their official language.

You can also watch live performances such as concerts, operas, ballets, and dances always playing at any of the theatres within the metropolis. 3. Proceed to the nightclubs. The spirit of the Carnival in Brazil is very much alive even in the nightclubs and bars. They would usually have the scala balls, more affordable versions of the magic ball. You can get along and dance to real Latin music together with the Brazilian people while having a drink of tonic, cocktail, or any beverage you prefer. You should not feel so intimidated or out of place since you will also see hundreds of foreigners or tourists within the vicinity.

If you want to be part of the party, you can wear any of the carnival costumes, and you can purchase it now through the Internet if you want. 4. Join the bandas and the blocos. Street parties are like a rave during the Brazil carnival. You can gather along with the thousands of other people at the beach, any open plaza or bar, and then follow the banda or bloco that you want. Both are popular for producing Brazilian tunes that you can dance into as you walk along the predetermined routes. The blocos are well-known for their themed music that can change every year while the bandas play old and traditional samba music.

  5. Head to the Sambodromo. Hit the sambadrome to watch closely on the samba schools performances. There are several parades that you can attend, Saturday are the schools in the access group that are trying their best to win and parade in the special group. Sunday and Monday the 12 schools of the special group put up a glorious parade, viewers are amazed by the schools creativity. Make sure you purchase a ticket to wacth one of the parades, you may also want to parade with a school and be in amongst everything. 6. Enjoy your hotel and get comfortable in your own room. You may also just relax and prepare yourself for more exhausting activities. The television channels offered by hotels are far too many, and a good number of them are set in English. Most of the hotels have swimming pools, fitness centres and game rooms that you can also take advantage of.

09 de Feb de 2014