Carnival Brazil – A Festival to celebrate life

One can learn how to live life to the fullest from the Brazilians during the Carnival Brazil festivities. Their passion for life will put the best ones of us to shame.

Everyone agrees that Brazil is all about singing, dancing, and an unrivalled zest for life among its natives. What is show-cased and evident in the Carnival Brazil though, is the deep rooted pride each person takes in being a Brazilian.

Feelings of Equality and acceptance

The Carnival Brazil is devoid of any sponsors and authorities. There is no restriction on any one participating and all are welcomed with open arms. This epitomizes the generosity of spirit of the Brazilians. There is no discrimination whatsoever, as regards to class race or culture. Everyone can dress like everyone else, wherein the poor dress like the rich and vice versa and men can dress like women in the form of costumes at the carnival etc.


Liberal society

That Brazil is a very liberal country is proven more so at the Carnival Brazil than at any other time. The Carnival accepts gays and drag queens, transvestites and cross-dressers with as much enthusiasm as the regular populace. In fact, such is their presence welcomed that they get the maximum appreciation from the revellers of the carnival. The Rio Scala Ball has a special Gay Ball which attracts a large number of tourists, both gay and straight.

Day and Night Celebrations

Months of preparation precede the arrival of the Carnival season. A lot of hard work is put into getting things ready in time for the carnival season. This is the reason people wait eagerly for the carnival season to set in and for the festivities to begin. Once it does, the whole country goes into a frenzied party mode with the partying continuing both day and well into the night. In fact, in some places it will continue long after the carnival is over as well.

So are you ready to put on your dancing shoes and join in the never ending festivities of the Carnival Brazil?

28 de Mar de 2011