Brief Analysis Of The Buzios Geography

Buzios is nothing without its nature so a quick understanding of its geography is just fitting.

Buzios is an amazing peninsula that is teeming with beaches, fishing areas and of course a humble yet internationally acclaimed beauty due to the help of the iconic Brigitte Bardot. The appeal of this place will forever be part of the international tourism of Brazil. It is very good that this location was still able to keep its allure and brilliance as much as possible. Of course it would be best to understand Buzios geography to appreciate its beauty more and more.

Buzios geography- this peninsula is quite twisted with its shorelines full of rocks, irregularly shaped edges, cliffs, hills, mountains and a lot of pristine beaches with amazing sandy shores. The coastline of Buzios geography is made of 8 kilometers of volcanic rock that has interspersed with more than 20 beaches of varying shapes and sizes. Some of the lava cliffs formed amazing caves due to the motion of the waves as they hit the lava formations.


The waters of Buzios geography offer interesting twists. The waters come from 2 major sources, one from its Native Brazil which is warm and the other one is from the currents of Antarctica which is cold. There are beaches that receive more the cold waters therefore these are much cooler compared to the warm waters that receive Brazilian water. Since Buzios geography is made up of volcanic residues and rich soil, the vegetation is quite amazing. Sadly there are some species that are barely on that level of surviving without help so reserves are made and environment protected areas have been made to ensure that the organisms and plant life on Buzios geography will be preserved and appreciated by the future dwellers and visitors. The Buzios geography is really interesting. Look deeper into the natural beauty of this amazing peninsula and see a unique paradise.

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18 de Nov de 2010