Brazil Packages: An Overview of Brazil

How do you make the most out of your trip in Brazil?

Of course, by getting yourself any of the packages with asides trips around the country. You can experience not only the Carnival in Rio, but also explore the fauna and flora of the Amazon, the beautiful resort areas on the Northeast of the country, or the unique beauty of the Iguassu Falls. 2 to 3 days in each place and you will have a little bit of everything that Brazil has to offer.

Bring Out Your Adventurous Spirit

If you are a risk taker, then a trip to Brazil is just what you need. In the heart of the country is the Amazon rainforest, one of the biggest and most mystical ecological systems in the world. It has thousands of plants and animals species, and people who have remained strongly attached to their culture and heritage.

If you want to add the Amazon to your package, you will be brought from Rio all the way to Manaus, the main city. Despite the constant urban development in the area, the city remains to be a sight to see because of its European style. The city was mainly built by the Europeans in the Rubber boom. Also huge international vessels and regional boats are all together at dock, arriving and leaving the port, right next to the market where you can find traditional food and handcrafts. If you wish to get along with the natives, you can always head to local bar and you will probably dance Forro, traditional music of the North part of the country.

Then, you can head to an Amazon lodge, where you will never really run out of activities, including bird watching, alligator spotting, piranha fishing, jungle hiking and of course swim on the waters of the Negro River. All that with more than specialized guides speaking English fluently.


You can also learn more about the lives of the native Brazilians by going to Salvador, Bahia. In Pelourinho you have a myriad of historical or age-old churches with their baroque architecture, and palaces. You can also get to taste the cuisine that the country is highly known for. And beautiful resort areas about one hour from there.

Northeast for the Lovebirds

For those who are on honeymoon, we can highly recommend you a package that includes one the beaches of the northeast of the country, with its clean waters, perfect for a moment of peace and relaxation. Ilheus,

Porto de Galinhas and Jericoacoara are some of those. You can delight yourself every night with the most delectable and huge servings of the freshest seafood or the soulful music of bossa nova in any of the bars right on the beach, with the most beautiful view to the sea.

And do not forget to drop by Iguassu Falls, which is considered to be more superior in beauty and elegance than the Niagara Falls. While you are there, take the walking tour and get the closest you can to the falls. You won’t regret.

By getting one of those packages, make sure that you can find your reward. Your money’s worth!

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13 de Feb de 2011