The Bourbon Curitiba Hotel in Curitiba

A closer look at the Bourbon Curitiba located in Curitiba.

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The hill city of Curitiba has been deemed “the best place to live in Brazil” and The Bourbon Curitiba lives up to the reputation of the city. A five star hotel in a true sense, the bourbon offers a lifetime of experience with its three distinct levels of luxury.

The first is a traditional resort theme with plush surroundings. The tree houses and log cabins will take you to a different dimension as you revel in the peace and the serenity of the hills. The wide variety of flora and fauna in the Bourbon Resort is an unexpected respite from the drudgeries of the metropolitan. To enhance your five star experiences, the Bourbon Resort brings the ultimate Curitiban spa, an experience you can never forget.

If luxury is your thing and you can shell out a lot more than few thousands, the Bourbon presents its penthouse suite with the ultimate luxury money can buy. Famed for the world’s highest pool, the dizziness you will experience is not just from the height. With high gear gadgets and luxury furnishings, the Bourbon Penthouse boasts of a clientele of ‘A’ listers like Donald Trump, Brad Pitt, Coco Chanel, Donatella Versace and the (in) famous Hugh Heffner.

Curitiba Brazil Hotels - The Bourbon Curitiba Hotel

Victorian Era, the golden age of romance can be revisited at the Bourbon Mansion. The rooms are tastefully decorated with the maple and ebony furnishings. The grandeur of the Era is revisited in the large ballroom famous for its masquerade and balls. Facilities for horse riding and an energetic game of polo are also provided and a special treat of horse racing (sans the betting) every month. The Bourbon Mansion is home to the many leading apparel brands of the world. A shoppers’ heaven, they said. The Annual Brazilian Carnival is relived the Curitiban way with the Hotel’s week long Carnival parties, fetes and shoppers fest. An experience you would not want to miss, an experience you wouldn’t want to forget.

The Bourbon Curitiba is much more than a five star, with its highly equipped gym, sauna, world class restaurants, all night discotheques, the unique library bar and the boardrooms and conference halls. It is an experience in itself. The hotel staffs are your family for your stay, your caretakers. You need not worry about your valuables, your little ones, the forgotten items etc, for The Bourbon has arrangements for all with high tech security, babysitters etc.

Reservations at the Bourbon are just a click away on its official site or just a telephone call away. Do not miss the Bourbon Curitiba‐An Experience.

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