Boipeba: A Thriving Natural Ecosystem

There is nothing as diverse as the richness of Boipeba and its unique habitats

General info about Boipeba

An island on the Tinhare archipelago south of the state of Bahia, Boipeba is a place of marvelous ecological wonders. The beauty of this place is so unique that you will easily have a new found respect and appreciation at the environment and how things in the world could be so different but still manages to work with everything around the globe. Boipeba is in a unique setting. On one side the ocean touches the island and on the other side, the inferno estuary is on the other. The unique water bodies create different features across this one island we call Boipeba. There are salt marshes, dunes, mangroves, fun beaches and coral reefs on the ocean side. The unique flora requires unique fauna and Boipeba has diverse ecological diversity and it is like looking at two different places at once but still it makes sense.


Accommodations in Boipeba

The best way to get accommodations in Boipeba is to have one booked prior to your trip. Online booking sites are very efficient in providing great selections for tourists. You should check the prices as well but since most of these areas are pousadas and bed and breakfast inns, you should not be too worried about finding good accommodations. Just have it reserved online beforehand. Once you have selected the hotel or pousadas you want, pay for your reservation and enjoy the beauty of Boipeba. Pousada Tassimirim is a great option for a superior accommodation.

Activities in Boipeba

You should certainly visit Boipeba for its natural beauty. Get a camera and take as many pictures as possible. You will love how diverse Boipeba is. It is like being in a whole new world where things from 2 distinct ecological systems meet. The Atlantic forest is very dense and is filled with life. If you come to Boipeba, you will usually have a guide to tell about the various plants and animals and how each of these systems interacts to create Boipeba.







05 de Jan de 2011