Are you curious to find out when is Carnival in Brazil 2014?

Find out when is Carnival in Brazil 2014 and plan ahead to be at the biggest extravaganza of your life.


Did you miss the carnival 2013? If you waited too long to make your bookings, you are sure to have found that the tickets to the carnival are sold out well in advance. Don’t make the same mistake again. Find out when is carnival in Brazil 2014 and make your bookings as soon as possible.

When is Carnival in Brazil 2014?

The dates of the carnival keep changing every year since they are determined by the Christian calendar. It typically falls around the end of February or the beginning of March. The carnival in Brazil always begins on the Friday preceding the beginning of the 40 day period of abstinence- Lent. It goes on for 4 days and ends on Fat Tuesday, which is followed by Ash Wednesday which marks the beginning of Lent. So, when is carnival in Brazil 2014? It starts on 28th of February and goes on till 3rd of March.

Book Your Tickets

Now that you know when the carnival in Brazil 2014 is, go ahead and book your tickets right away. You will need to book your flight tickets, your accommodation in the best location for the carnival, your tickets to the popular carnival balls as well as tickets to the Sambodromo where the Samba Parade is held. The Samba parade is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown of the carnival and you don’t want to miss it.

Planning Ahead

You also need to plan ahead to make sure you make it to the carnival in Brazil 2014. If you are an employee, take leave beforehand. If you own a business, arrange matters so that you can be away without having to worry. If you are a student, take leave and plan ahead as well.

Knowing when is carnival in Brazil 2014 is not enough if you don’t plan ahead to be there, isn’t it?

07 de Mar de 2011