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Hidden from prying eyes are Pipa beaches, which offer space for an intimate and serene romance with surrounding nature.

You will find seemingly unending sandy Pipa beaches whichever side you look in nature’s paradise. Each and every beach has its own distinctive attractions with plenty of opportunities for exploring and adventures. Pipa beaches spread out into the far distance against the magnificent backdrop of majestic cliffs and luxurious Atlantic forest.

Pipa beaches are perfect for swimming, kite surfing, wind surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving and other exciting beach sport activities. Pipa has a sophisticated beach culture where people mingle on the beach to relax, socialize and practice adventure sports.

The main beach of Pipa is cozily sheltered by coral reefs which create serene natural pools during low tide which is perfect for family outings. On Praia das Minas, you can watch ocean turtles as they hatch their eggs. At Baia dos Golfinhos, you can watch wild dolphins as they playfully surround swimmers and surfers. Praia do Amor is surrounded by the Chapadao cliffs and is a favorite destination for surfers and sunbathers. Madeiro is another renowned beach which is one of Brazil’s finest beaches.

There are various kinds of Pipa tours which give you an authentic Pipa experience. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to take a beach buggy ride, by far the most fun way to explore the many beaches but be careful during tide time. Pipa tours also offer exclusive surfing and kite surfing opportunities for absolute beginners, as well as skilled surfers. Pipa has the best surf conditions on the north east coast of Brazil and surfboards can be rented and lessons booked on the numerous beaches.

The conditions for deep sea diving, paragliding and kite boarding are also excellent. Don’t miss the opportunity for some close encounters with marine wildlife. You can also enjoy the sea from boats which offer dolphin tours as part of Pipa tours. There are trips available that will allow you to move in unrestricted areas and swim close to dolphins on Dolphin Bay.

Pipa tours and attractions - Brazil

With so many activities on Pipa beaches, which ones are you interested in?

02 de Dec de 2010